SPC removal!

Awake with birdsong!

Get excruciating pain when community nurse removes my sp. Now I’ve got the heebee-jeebees! My doc says numb the area with Cathjell Lincocaine. What do/would other folk do? Strong pain killers? Don’t want to appear a wimp!


Do you mean removing it completely or just changing it?

I have mine changed every 4 weeks. It can feel a bit oooo…but not really painful and only lasts a few seconds.

How often do you have it changed? Any longer than 4 weeks and mine gets furred up and painful to remove. They always put instigel around the hole and on the new catheter. It works quickly.



Just changing it. I have had the spc for 3 yrs, luckily no utis. It gets changed every 10 wks. I am going to put cathjell to numb area pre nurses visit. It’s fine once changed.

I initially had a uic which had to be changed every 9 days! due to pain.

Hi again…crikey 10 weeks! I would say that`s causing the problem of painful changes.

Ask your nurse to try it at 6…


I most certainly will.

Thank you B

The tissue inside and out will start to enclose the catheter.

Oooo painful!

Had my very first change at 12 weeks…ahhhhhhhh. Then 6…ooooo…4 suits.


Just been given some of that jell myself by the medic after he injected it through a syringe down the urethra for my cystoscopy. I explained that I experienced a lot of discomfort using a catheter. Does make a difference and I guess the difference might be even more pronounced with more delay.