Spare Avonex

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However did you get to have 16 weeks' injections left, Liz??

Healthcare at Home, who delivered my Avonex for years, would not deliver if you had more than about 4 in the bank.

Anyway, I hope that your journey to Tysabri goes as smoothly as mine did, and that Tysabri really suits you..





When I was having Enbrel injections which Healthcare at home delivered to me, they wouldn't collect any unused ones not even the sharps bin that they had provided in the first place. I took them to my local Boots Chemist and they wouldn't take them either. As luck would have it I worked in a hospital at the time and they took them for me. I agee though it is a sheer waste of money.

I wish you luck on your new drug.


Janet x

Not sure you should be giving these away, batches are recorded to patients, if a recall or advice was required there would be no way of knowing who had yours! Also, someone not being prescribed Avonex who wants to get it may take up your supply. No sorry, I really don't think you should be giving them away, too many issues involved!



I am not a moderator.This super dooper facility doesn't appear to let them remove or edit innappropriate posts,and that appears to make the MS Society condone things that they should not touch with a poo covered stick.That's an MSS problem.


The sentiment of trying to help by recycling expensive meds which the rules dictate MUST eventually be destroyed is highly commendable.........................Right up until something goes wrong..Would anybody ensure that their medical notes were updated to reflect the extra meds? Mine reflect the amount of cannabis I smoke and I discuss OUR problems with anybody with a pulse who gets too close .




I believe that "Rules are for the obeyance of fools and guidance of the wise"


Something that  occurrs to me is that some poor souls with terminal cancer can have SATIVEX to help their last days.My last days will probably number in the thousands,so why shouldn't I cosy up to a cancer patient,and get any surplus when they shuffle off this mortal coil.


This idea may appall you,but I am sure the Media would be rather interested in this ghoulish idea if ever it happened .Luckily none of my friends/family /associates has cancer,but.............



No proffessonal organisation would touch issued drugs, imagine the scenario, you give your drugs to company A to be passed on to someone more needy for it. However you secretly have a grudge against company A and have spiked the phials with a clear substance that kills, injures or affects someone else. Another customer of Company A takes the re-issued drugs and injects themselves with it, Company A is now in serious doo doo. They might trace it back to you but Company A still gave the drug to someone without knowing the controlled environment it was created and stored in.

Once it's issued it's contaminated, no matter how honest you may be, the company can't risk the lives of its customers on the assumption you are.

...and if you really think about it, you wouldn't want to risk your life taking second hand drugs from some random stranger either.

Thank you for your opinions.  I only wanted to help someone.  I did not wish to be lectured!!!!

Can they not be returned to the company who issued them to you? They can't be re-prescribed as there is no guaratee they have been kept in the proper conditions required to keep them usable.

Ask the nurses in the hospital if they can dispose of them for you? My dad had to do this at his hospital appts (not MS) to get rid of sharps he had after meds he was given. None of the chemists would touch them and no one told him how to dispose of them.

Hi, sorry but I think you’ll just have to put these in your sharps bin as if they had been used. I had a few spare betaferon when the company delivered twice (won’t go into details about it) and I just put them in sharps bin.

Don’t worry though, it’s not your fault if you are transferring to a new drug. Hope the tysabri goes well for you.


lts obvious - to most of us - you were only trying to be of help to someone - so don’t be upset by the replies. lt just goes to show how much waste the nhs cause. l watched a programme last night about Hospital Food. James Martin - the very dishy chef - was trying to improve the food at Scarboro General. They waste 40% of the food daily. Whereas in Londons Royal Brompton they serve only fresh organic food - and make a lot of revenue from the Hospital Restaurant. Scarboro were serving only packet/frozen food that looked inedible. l know this is off the ‘topic’ that you posted - but it is still the tip of the iceberg highlighting the money wasted.

l do hope you do well on Tysabri.

All the best to you


Mhairi, I don't understand why you threw the carry bags etc out. I understand throwing the auto injects etc out though. I've kept all the other bits tho. I've been on rebif x2, avonex & copaxone and managed to find a use for just about everything. Maybe I was just being thrifty I don't know. I use most of mine to store things in rather than buying boxes. This was especially useful when I moved a couple of years ago. I'm not sure about the cool bags but they're small enough to be stored away. My dad used to go camping a lot and they came in handy for keeping his lunch cool on the way up. None of these were used by me whilst on the drugs.

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