Missing an Avonex injection

Hi All,

This may sound stupid ! I have an “opportunity” later this year but will be unable to take my Avonex with me. It means if I take it before I go and when I get back I will have missed one injection. Has anyone else had a similar period of two weeks where they missed an injection?

What are the risks?

Thanks for any answer


Dear Tikka

I was on Avonex and I missed a few in my freelance life. Sometimes I just couldn’t take it with me and even if I could I couldn’t always keep it at a temperature I wanted. If I broke the line I just started it again as soon as I could after.

I never suffered any negative effects.

After five years on Avonex my neurologist recommended that I stop it. Phew, I hated those injections and it ruined my day.

Now I control my ms as best I can with diet and well being, vitamins, excercise.


Hi- if you don’t mind me asking-Why can’t you take it with you?Esp. as it’s only 1?

If you are away for 14 days exactly-You can technically space up to 10 days apart so if you did it on the day you left and then the next injection on the day you got back you’d be 2/3 days out… Sure lots of people have done this and lived to tell the tale! (know I have) but as with everything M.S- no guarantees! So best speak to nurse etc. -x-

P.S Avonex Bio-set does not need to be refrigerated if this is an issue for you.