I’m currently taking avonex pen which I’m finding brilliant compared to the stress of having to inject myself. But I am only new to this and prematurely removed the pen after 2 seconds instead of the recommended 10 seconds, I’m terrified that I have not got enough of the injection, :frowning: what is recommended does anyone know how quick the fluid goes in ? Thanks d :slight_smile:


To be honest I don’t know the answer, but have a look at any information that you got when you started on Aavonex, as it may state there what to do if this happens, or at least what to do if you miss a dose. There’ll probably be a hotline you can call too, which you could try in the morning. But ultimately, I wouldn’t worry about it. I used to be on Rebif and sometimes forgot a dose, but it never caused any problems.

Hope you’re able to relax!


From what I have been told missing a dose would do no harm Hun. I’m on rebif , never missed a dose by my m,s nurse said not to worry if I do. Xxx

hi, i had i missfiring pen once and called the helpline they said to leave it untill my next jab as you can overdose if you try again, but you do need the 10 secs to get the full dose, gd luck…