spain maybe???

hi all,

i’m seriously considering moving to the sunshine somewhere! after being in tunisia for a week in sept and feeling the benefits of the sun and all the fresh fruit i was surprised.

only thing is i cannot work anymore so am reliant on benefits, can i still get them abroad? i know an eu country would be my best best, any advice on that greatly accepted

feels a bit like giving up but as you all know… no-one knows how we feel except us, unfortunatley we’re not going to get better and this is about the rest of my life!



Hi Ben, I lived in Spain for about ten years and as far as I know you wouldn’t be entitled to benefits if you lived abroad having said that I did move back to the uk in 2002 so things may have changed. The cost of medication is also extremely high. Nina

I think it’s only the state pension that you can get abroad… but have a google to make sure. I lived in California for years and everyone was shocked when I moved back… but have to admit I missed old Blighty! Pat x

and I would miss it to, How about 50/50 I know a mate who goes out for the winter