Sounds like a bad joke !

What does a neurologist, opthmologist and a rheumatologist have in common ?? MEEEE lol. Well I posted on here originally 5 weeks ish ago ( And so it begins) having had symptoms which I believe point strongly to a neurological problem, had been referred to a reumatologist, however since the. Have become much Much worse had an eye test to see if my prescription glasses could be contributing to problems, turns out my prescription hasn’t altered and there is a problem with my depth perception so have been referred to an opthmologist. As on top of the muscle & joint pain, balance problems and others I have now acquired nystagmus, failed the heel toe and nose finger touch test which I passed two weeks ago and now have a referral for nuerology ! Glad to be getting somewhere and be believed that it is not in my head but scared at the same time I just want to know now. I was sat in me lectures yesterday and found it difficult to keep my head up without my. ECM and shoulder muscles tiring out ;0(. Sorry for the moan xxxxx

Hi Luelle

Moaning, which isn’t really moaning anyway, is good on here, so no apologies necessary.

Are you also studying for an ‘ology’ in your lectures?! LOL

Have you had one of those Visual Evoked Potential tests yet? Mine started with balance problems way back - I was staying in a 30 floor hotel and thought there was an earthquake going on - they thought I was nuts when I went down to the lobby!! I haven’t had any definite eye problems yet, though think I had some mild issues durign a period where glasses on or off made no difference and my eyes got to what I was looking at before my brain did if you get what I mean. Symptoms had gone before my VEP though and not com back again yet.

Hope you get some answers. Keep plugging away at the medics - and the studies of course!


Mr S

Welcome to the world of diaries full of hospital and doctors appointments!

On a serious note, if you are feeling very much worse right now, then taking a bit of time off might be a good idea. I’m guessing you have a load of coursework piling up though (it is that time of the academic year!) so won’t want to, but please think about seeing whoever you need to see (departmental administrator? head of department?) to get extensions on the lot of them so you can spread things out a bit longer and not put yourself under so much stress. Stress is bad news for neurological conditions :frowning:

I hope things get better soon.

Karen x

Haha Mr Sensible love the studying for an ology ;0) made me lol, Rizzo I am studying adult nursing and am 2nd year on a 3 year course. Have already seen everyone I need to and they said miss any lectures I need to and put a Personal Mitigating Circumstances form for anything I need to hand in such as my up coming exam. It’s good because it allows me a re-sit as if I never took the first so feeling positive about that. Very stressed about getting some answers before I am due out on placement in April though because I have to go through occupational health etc to be deemed fit for practice. Although on another note quite concerned about the here and now and total lack of energy, headaches and jerky movements :0(. Still I should count myself lucky my GP is supporting me 100% and has done all these referrals for me as I know some have struggled to be heard. Thanks for your kind words guys, I am off after next week for 4 weeks so trying to hang on in there to keep some small scrap of normality to my life or I think I’d start losing the plot !!! Big love and best wishes to you all ;0) and thanks again xx

Ps off to google VEP test thanks xx