Sore tongue comes and goes

Hi i am just new to yhe oage i have been diagnosed with ms for approx 3 years i have highly active relapsing remittance ms a wee question i keep taking a sore tongue every couple weeks it comes and goes it feels like i have burnt my tongue when i havent is this linked to ms i have had it for at least a year now i have been to denntist and they dont see anything except dry mouth due to meds i drink plenty fluids i have just accepted i need to live with it but it annoys me is anyone else got this

Hi I have lots of food intolerances and often get a sore tongue normally due mouth ulcers maybe it’s some medication what’s causing the problem

Is it possible that you’re biting your tongue and don’t realize it? I’ve never had what I’d describe as a sore tongue, but at random times parts of it will go numb and I wind up chomping down on it, not realizing what I’ve done until it hurts later.