Sore left foot again.

Hi guys,

Reason I’m posting early is I can’t sleep for a pain in the arch area of my left foot and wondered if anybody else has had this. Sounds like fallen arches, but they look ok, took a dicloflanic tablet and no diff. This is the second time it has appeared and occurs when in bed, so there’s no weight on it. I’ve had gout on the ball of that same foot, but pain is in the arch with a slightly swollen foot.

Is this related to my PPMS or something else?


Hi John

I was discussing this with my nurse a few weeks ago. I have RRMS and get pain in the arch of my right foot. Sometimes it feels like the start or end of cramp but I haven’t had cramp. It goes stiff and painful and my foot won’t bend properly so it makes walking difficult and it does sometimes happen at night and I keep moving my foot trying to make it comfortable. My foot doesn’t swell but it feels like it should be (not sure that makes sense, but when does MS make sense?). Sometimes if I massage my foot or do a few yoga stretches it helps but sometimes it sets off a full cramp which is worse … I take amitriptyline at night for burning pains in my arm but it doesn’t help the feet at all which also burn :frowning:


Thanks Tracey,

Most of the pain subsided about 9am and I’ve taken another diclofenac tablet. Noticed if I stretched my foot upward it eased the pain slightly.

I’ve never had that type of pain before and usually get weird cramps about my small toe and ankle.

No point in going to my GP because he’ll blame it on the MS.


Hi John

I don’t go to my GP for anything other than migraines and he’s not much help with them either. He still managed to hold up my driver’s licence renewal though as they had to send him a form to fill in even though I stated that I do not see him about the MS since he first referred me to a neuro …


Hi John

One of my first symptoms was foot pain. It varied from pain under the arches of the feet (sometimes feeling heavily bruised) to feeling as if every bone in my feet was broken. I couldn’t even bear the weight of the duvet on my feet. It went on for many years and investigations (eg x-rays, blood tests) found nothing. It was only after I was diagnosed with MS a few years ago that I suspected that this was the cause. Even then the neuro said it was ‘plantar fascitis’ but not necessarily related to MS. I started taking Baclofen for the stiffness in my legs and I now have very little pain in my feet. I had not noticed just how stiff my feet were as it just creeps up on you and you forget what ‘normal’ feels like.

Hope you get some relief soon as it really is pain!


Hi, what`s your mobility like?

I ask as I also get this pain, ranging from just a niggle to proper pain.

Physio said its cos I cant walk and dont get the stretch in the underpart of my feet.

When sitting in my recliner, i use a foot/leg lifter. I put the loop over my toes and pull…it feels good.

I tried botox on NHS and it didnt help at all.

luv Pollx