Sore joints

Hi I’m experiencing pain in my right hand between my index and middle finger and on my left hand between thumb and index finger even drying my hands hurts I also have the same kind of pain in my left foot on the bottom it feels like it is swollen and so painful to walk on first thing in the morning or if I wake up in the night and need to get up. Any one else had this or similar? Thank you

Hi, I get all sorts of weird sore joints it seems to change places everyday, I use to think it was something I did to make my joints hurt but its the joy of having ms!

Hmmm that’s just great! Ms sure knows how to spoil us!! Lol. I’m just worried, my mam has rheumatoid arthritis which she has been told is hereditary and the way my look goes, well I don’t want it!!! :frowning: but thanks for your reply