Ankle and knuckle pain

Hi everyone,

I have had a problem with my ankle for a few months, been to see the nurse and she said it isn’t red etc, see how it goes and if the pain persist to go back and they will do some bloods. It feels as if it is swollen but it isn’t, I am also getting stabbing pains in my foot. My left hand same side as foot, near the knuckles is.hurting. I am also getting other pains in joints, and random shooting pains in chest. Sorry to overload with alot of different areas of pain. Just don’t know what’s going on.

Has anyone experienced this.??

Thanks in advance for any help

Hi I’ve had all these symptoms over the years and my GP practice (don’t have a neurologist) puts them all down to MS. That’s their answer to all the symptoms I have. To the medical professionals I’ve met MS means I’m a hopeless case. But I love life and manage my symptoms the best I can. I hope you get some ease from these symptoms soon. :kissing_heart: