Sore head on one side

Hi, looking for a bit of advice.
I have had a sore head now for 5 days (I generally don’t get sore heads). It started with right eye pain and then progressed into a head ache but only on the right side. Yesterday I finally thought it was easing off but the pain has now moved to the left side. I have been taking paracetamol but it’s not lifting it.
I am also feeling more off balance/dizzy because of it and this is alongside all the other symptoms I’ve got.
I’ve not been diagnosed with ms yet, still in the process of getting tests done.
Just wanted to know if the sore head should be something to worry about and if anyone else has experienced it only being on one side.

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Hiya Anna,
I’ve experienced the odd symptom for a few years now, then back in December I woke up with a thunder clap headache and tingling lips! Was taken to hospital with very high blood pressure as well MRI completed on my head and they suspected ms, or sjogrens as I was experiencing a dry mouth and eyes. If you’re concerned please get checked out.
I’m new to all this, and I’ve found reaching out has really helped me to fight for the right treatment.

Take care Anna