sore buttocks

I have noticed that my buttock are getting sore. It feels like I have been sitting on a hard surface for ages and is very uncomfortable. Has anyone else had this?

Best get it checked out by your GP, or Nurse, because it might be a pressure sore and treatment is easier if caught early.

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Thanks whammel.

i also get these feelings in my buttocks and have done for the last three years or so

i had to give up work as a plasterer as the pain got worse on bending and stretching

but also pins and needels in hands feet like walking on marbles different shoes different feet ,so spent the last 2 years in wellinton boots oh by the way had ms 23 years now so had a lot of different symptoms ,just keep going as long as you can

As every one on this forum says use it ore lose it

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Hi elsiewilson1. I guess it is just one of the weird symptoms of ms. I am going to the drs on 16th January so I will add it to the every growing list of symptoms. The last few days I have had shooting pains in my legs which has stopped me in my tracks when I have been walking. I thought I was going to fall over. Like you I am also having pins and needles in my hands but I am also getting it in my feet as well. The most annoying thing is the jerking in my wrists every time I move my hands. I am lucky I work for myself but haven’t done much work lately!