Son waiting to see Neuro

Hi all , Just joined today . My son is 23 and has been having several health problems for a while now and is now being reffered to a neurologist . My best friend has had ms for nearly 18 years and I would say I am pretty clued up about the subject . So my son has been having jaw pain even had a tooth removed , tinitus , fatigue , burning sensations, pins and needles , foogy brain , itchy , dizzyness, eye problems and low folate. I know that I can’t say by any means that he has ms but I definitely think the neuro will look into this . The thing being is my son did say today about ms and how he feels scared but just needs to know whats wrong . He is going out tonight with his gf to a hotel and out for dinner and I encouraged him to go to help take his mind off things . What I did say is that he probably cant remeber feeling symptom free so at least having a diagnosis of what is wrong will hopefully come as a relief . It’s so hard to know if I am saying the correct things . Any way sorry to ramble I hope everyone is coping ok and wish you all well x

I am very sorry that this worry has come to your family’s door. They say that these things are harder for a loving parent than for the person who is ill and I can believe it. Don’t worry too much about saying the wrong thing. The loving presence of those closest to us is always a blessing, and even if a young man finds himself rolling his eyes about parents who fuss too much, well that is a comfortably familiar and reassuring exchange in most households, isn’t it? No one in his heart minds being cared about. Good luck with it all.

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