Son feels so isolated and lonely

Hi, I’m new to the forum. My son is 25 and was diagnosed with MS in 2019. He has intermittent MS, big flare ups then seems to be OK for a bit. Is there anything in Scotland in the way of young adult support groups. He is shy, lonely and needs people ‘who get his condition’ but also just want to talk about other things too. I’d be grateful for any suggestions x

Hi Butterfly, sorry to hear your lad has MS.
There used to be a ‘near me’ button to click on.
If you cant find one, the google MS Scotland.

Sorry to hear of your sons diagnosis, I do not know of local groups, but do know that the Shift.MS website is great for younger MSrs
Good luck to you and all your family


MS at a young age is scary and must make your son feel very isolated. Living through the present days of Covid with a new diagnosis must make life very difficult, especially for young people who are shy and more introverted.

As Mick suggested, the forum has a lot of younger members than this. So maybe you can point him at that group.

Plus, have a look at: Get involved | Multiple Sclerosis Society UK On this page of the main MS Society website, there’s a box near the bottom marked ‘Find support near you’. You put your town into the box and if there’s a suitable local group, it will be listed together with contact information.

Alternatively, if your son has an MS nurse, he could ask him/her if there’s a local group.

Best of luck. Feel free to keep coming on here yourself, it’s probably at least as frightening for you as it is for your son. There may be things you really want to know about MS that we could help with.


Thank you so much for the suggestion, he’s going to follow it up.

Take care, Shirley x

Thank you so much! I’ve made him aware of the link you’ve suggested and he’s going to follow it up

Shirley x