sometimes I wonder "Why?"

and then I remember it is the cats fault…

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It has been a tough week so I needed a Friday giggle… sorry


I agree. And so does my Labrador. :slight_smile:

So that’s a Cat Scan and a Lab Report in a single post.

I got that joke from my cousin in Canada.

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my poodles snoozing next to me . Im in the recliner and Soph is on my wheelchair…but her legs work ok.


pooodle report

My cat likes to sit on my walker and have me push her - even though I have far more need to sit on it!

Jo x

I don’t know…I have been i a tough situation lately! Wanted to scream and burst out my anger.

Go for it,

Just don’t waste too much energy on being angry.


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…and sometimes i wonder why not?!

CL-laughter and anger are very similar emotions-just displayed differently! from someone who ‘suffers’ from emotional lability!


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I sometimes get frustrated with life, but then I look at my lurcher, and with the way he raises his eyebrows it is clear that my frustrations are futile.