I had to take my little Jack Russellfor a short walk along the river behind our house. It was painfully slow and agonizing as my left knee is so painful. As always Dylan (my dog) was on his lead. I saw a dog and owner I have met before, his dog wasn’t on a lead, she is a hefty beagle type and not at all obedient. She, her names pudding! Came flying over bashed into my bad leg, I yelped and Dylan pulled his head out of his collar .I had to try and hold onto him whilst struggling with my elbow crutch to put his collar back on. Bl##dy Puddings owner didn’t come over to help he just kept telling her to get over the bridge. Needless to say she just ignored him and carried on jumping on Dylan. He just walked past me without saying a word to me! It was like I was invisible. Dylan is now covered in black paw prints and I’m upset.

Our society is becoming so selfish and uncaring. I am so sorry you met with this. I also think some people struggle to deal with disability and this manifests itself in them ignoring what they can’t deal with. It’s horrible to be ignored in this way, but remember it says more about them. Someone actually stepped over me in my wheelchair a couple of weeks ago and boy, was I mad. But then I realised that the only person I was winding up was me !! Xx

I remember a few years ago I was out watching santa and his real reindeer in a town center with my sister and neice. My sister was using 2 crutches and a teanage yob kicked one of her crutches! !!

Oh for pity’s sake…It scares me that it starts so early in life…what chance is there for growing up to be a responsible adult ??

When i was in my chair, people in the hospital would walk by and let the door close on me, not give me room to get by.

People are igronent and it makes me glad not to have kids just yet, I wouldnt want to raise them in this world.

When i was well and in Florida, an old lady fell over at a theme park she bashed her chin off the pavements and knocked herself out, I helped her up got her consious and held my hand under her chin stopping her blood from going all over her clothes I didnt want her to get blood all over her and get upset, my wife gave me some tissues that helped but it was pouring out. In a theme park with 10’s of thousnds of people not one person stopped to help, a medic turned up after 5 mins and I went on my way without a thank you or anything.

It takes us special few which is what keeps me going in life, there are nice people out there who are not selfish theres just more selfish morans than nice people.

On the plus side, you did what you did on your own and with that sort of strength shows what a weak person this other guy was to walk on by and the internal strength and will power you have, good on you MRs H.

Sorry Grandma in waiting <<<<(idiot)

I agree with Mrs H about our society becoming more and more a ‘look out for number one and sod the rest’ culture xx

I argued with close friends just last night when they made a flippant comment about someone I know who gets up out of their scooter and walks to the bar in the club - and after a few drinks she can move about much better believe me!!

They said because she can do this there must be nothing wrog with her!! I pointed out as an example that when my hubby has a bad back & can hardly walk - after a few pints he can dance around the kitchen well that might be a bit of an exaggeration - but he certainly can’t feel the pain!! lolol xxx

My poor friend who uses the scooter can’t walk to the club - but she can walk short distances - even in pain - then the alcohol numbs the pain and yes she can move better - but then she suffers for it next day as she has pushed herself too far xx

Unless people have experienced it - they will always be sceptical and remain ignorant xxxjenxxx

The man`s a complete moron. His dog isnt much better!

Hope you feel better now. If you see them again, go in a different direction.

luv Pollx