Part relieved, part angry!

Just wanted a bit of a rant really! Lol I went to the Dr yesterday and have been put back on Amitriptylene which is fine as I know it helps with my pain and I need that right now. However, when mentioned how arrogant and dismissive my neuro was, she told me “that’s the standard opinion of him”. I was shocked to be honest. I don’t understand why I or anyone else would be referred to someone with that kind of reputation! What use is he going to be to someone who has spent their entire life trying to rid themselves of people like that who make me feel less than I am?! Really quite annoyed and definitely pushing for a different neuro now! #pointlessexercise!

Oh yes, I understand your frustration. One of my recent ones? Was sent to a back specialist…he didn’t know what was wrong ! He was supposed to be head of this huge department! Tell you what…i’ll do the job eh? I know how you feel. What does my head in is that they don’t see how much effort we go thru to get to these pointless appointments . I hope you find a decent Neuro soon xx

Then he needs some extra training in people skills not an acceptance of his arrogance!

We have a teacher at my sons school who we (in the family) call Mrs Trunchbull, she is just like that character and I have had cause to complain about her many times as have others. The Headteachers standard reply when parents complain to him is “That’s just her way”.

Well ‘her way’ is bollox! She should either be trained not to let ‘her way’ be expressed while at work or retire. It is never ever right for a person in authority to insult, belittle, humiliate or dismiss a person in their care… no matter what age or what setting!

I spend each and every day hoping I don’t upset anyone as ‘my way’ tends to be sarcastic and hyper, always has… but I have learned to reign it in and if I do find myself getting a bit too crazy I always apologise.

Standard Opinion = others are not happy. :frowning:

Oops I had a mini rant then! lol sorry… I’m just SO glad my son leaves in July!!! No more Trunchbull!!

My first neuro has that reputation, if only i’d known before I saw him!

Thet certainly seem to be a strange breed these neuros.

My GP gave me a peice of sage advice before I saw my new neuro, he said never tell a neuro what he needs to do (i.e. tests etc.) they don’t like it, and don’t mention MS or anything else you may suspect you have, they assume you’ve been googling and have convinced yourself you have it.He also said a good neuro 9rude or not) will very rarely tell you what he’s thinking when he firsts examines you, they do tend to take the watch and wait approach wit most MS patients.

My new neuro was lovely anyway but i still followed my GPs advice and didn’t ask for a repeat MRI and didn’t ask him what he thought it was or mention MS at all.

But that said, it seems too many neuros are rude and dismissive and definately need some training in people skills!

Hello anon

I had one appointment last year with an arrogant neuro. I contacted PALS and complained about him, refused to see him again and insisted I see a different neuro. Within a short time they arranged for me to see a lovely neuro at another hospital close to where I live. Both neuro’s knew each other but it never made any difference to the way I was treated.


This is such excellent advice from your GP that it is a pity you can’t get the admins to put it as a permanent ‘sticky’ at the top of this page. If everyone going for their first neuro appt read it, it would save a lot of grief and trouble! Oh, I do love a good GP.


Thanks Alison, yes this GP was particularly good. He is very much a say it is as it is type of guy and will tell you if your fussing about nothing, so the fact that he DID think there is reason for concern and referred me to another neuro made me doubt myself less.

And I will always remember his advice now when I visit the neuro.

That is terrible. Some people really do get away with going through life treating people badly because ‘it’s just the way they are’.

My neuro is nice enough, but not a great deal of bedside manner.

I read somewhere ‘Your neuro is interested in your MS/illness, your GP is interested in you’. Something I have tried to keep in mind when I see the neuro. I am lucky enough to have a wonderful GP.

I just see the neuro for MS/Whatever-the-hell-is-wrong-with-me investigations, and I see the GP for advice and treatment :slight_smile:

PG xx

Thanks peeps. Think I’ve reached a point in my life (definitely age related) where I just feel I shouldn’t have to take any of that from people. I don’t care about his title or how much he earns, he’s just another person the same as the rest of us and I deserve as much respect as he commands! I fully intend to show the jumped up jackass what’s what too! I hate seeing others disrespected or mistreated in any way and I have committed myself to helping rectify situations of that kind in my work, but I have always found it far harder to stand up for myself than for others. It’s time that changed. This man is not going to like me very much methinks! Lol Bless you all for your replies. Thank you. Autumn xxxx

Good for you Autumn…I totally agree. I expect to be treated with respect when attending medical appointments etc. If I don’t get it, I will complain. I complain because I feel they must be treating other patients the same and many are nervous about complaining. Like you Autumn, I don’t believe in being disrespected by anyone…I don’t care who they are or how many letters they have attached to their names. X

At my last consultation, my neuro was blatantly staring out the window when I was telling him about how I was feeling.

That doesn’t inspire confidence that he’s listening and taking in what you are saying!

I am not afraid to correct doctors when they get things wrong, but there needs to be more emphasis on developing a good bedside manner during their training - they need to learn people skills alongside all the medical stuff.

Thanks so much for passing on what your GP said about neuros, Bunny. I agree with Alison that it would be a great ‘sticky’ and will try to make that one thing that I do remember!!

cc x

@Mitzi - no, however if all goes well I’ll have a new one soon - nothing about my experience there has inspired confidence.

I don’t mind some of what can be perceived as arrogance as I would hope a neuro knows more about the brain than I do and when someone is very knowledgeable about something it can come off as arrogance if they don’t have good communication skills.

I do mind when they’re sitting 6 feet away from me looking out the window when I’m telling them that some of my symptoms were getting worse.