Hypocrisy ? quick rant


I just caught myself doing exactly what I advise others not to.

I am flipping (choose your own strongish expletive as I will not write what I actually think, for fear of upsetting the moderators) ANGRY my poxy condition and sub optimal body along with vexatious gravity are conspiring to make me look stupid and trying to throw myself to the floor. I sometimes think “Oh Fog it don’t stop yourself falling so you can flail around shrieking like a frustrated two year old”

What I would say to someone else in this situation is " It may be a valid response, but getting angry does not help and actually wastes valuable energy"

For the purposes of this post “Stuff that”

There, that’s better

Normal service should be restored soon


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e x

I could have written that myself! I am sitting here on the verge of tears. I used to be lively,the class clown making people laugh. I gave fleeting moments of that now. I was just talking to someone. I just started half way through my sentence. I knew what I wanted to say. It just wouldn’t come out. This happens more and more. Most conversations now. I am utterly tired out. Always want to go back to bed. But I quite often cant rest when I get there. I am usually upbeat. Sometimes like now I am beaten. Just beaten. Anne

perfectly said


I understand those feelings Anne, and wish I could help, but the best I can do is a virtual hug.


Oh very well expressed Mick. I am often a frustrated two year old with the abysmal language of the gutter. A responsible adult should put me in the naughty corner for behaving so badly. I have thus far managed to remain off the floor so far this year; long may that state continue


Sssue,If my responsible adult was a vet , I would have been treated with an ounce of lead. Peace and tranquillity would be restored.

In actual fact I just went out on my Tramper with my amazingly patient wife who was on her horse, the 3 of us enjoying the mud / rain / sunshine , primroses and the greenery precursor to the developing bluebells.

I am nearly back to mellow again.


but why do we have to be so polite about this vile abomination of a disease? Nothing wrong with having a good rant about things - oh! and ‘hypocrisy’ was spelt wrongly in your message - only has one ‘c’

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Krakowian, you’re right, there’s no need to be polite about the beast which has invaded our lives.

But a bit pedantic to correct someone’s spelling.


Thanks krakowian, my spelling is not great, and when I am in “rage” mode it deteriorates further.

Most of the time I am mellow and conserve my limited energy, but every now and then I go off on one! I just felt a bit foolish having suggested to others not to waste time or energy on being angry.

I do have the occasional rant but I prefer to let rip when no one else is in the house. (I no longer scare the cat since she became totally deaf)


It’s only polite to let rip when on ones own - I often divulge! Oooo we have had some etiquette lessons here today … thank you Master Mogace … my tuppence worth : &£%^&#&

FB I could not have put it better.

Perhaps Durer industries should record our ranting and sell the recordings as the basis of a new mindfulness technique.