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Well i was on here a few months ago when i was having an awful time and felt like my whole life had fell apart. My ex had left me and i was socially isolated, living hand to mouth and MS wise very very poorly. You all told me to hang on in there and things would get better and guess what? were right!!!

Over the last few months i have battled my way through pain and fatigue and am only 120 hours away from getting my nurse pin number back so that i can become self employed and do botox, fillers and peels for people at times that suit me! I have gone back to slimming world and lost 5 pounds in 2 weeks! I passed my driving test! I am over my ex! Have some friends and just came back from a spa stay for my birthday with the most lovely friend i could wish for. And just to top it off - i went to the spa 2 years ago and before i arrived i was so fatigued that i was dreading what should have been a lovely time. I could only manage a little swin, couldn’t stand the sauna and didnt enjoy the treatments because my skin was so sore and the pins and needles were so bad. I rushed through my meal and was in bed at 8 crying cause i had ruined my partners day. BUT this time, i had driven to manchester and back to liverpool in the morning, then walked my dog, then picked up my friend and drove to the spa, had a drink! Swam lengths, used all the facilities and got dolled up and drank till midnight! All because i have been started on Amantedine and it literally has transformed my life!

I am not saying i am well everyday - but having days like this and seeing how much more i can do now and being more indipendant is making me feel like i am finally living again!! and i just wanted to share that with you and let you all know that your kind words when i was at my lowest helped me immensly and all of your good wishes for me are finally coming true!

Thanks everyone x x x x x x


That is fantastic news, really pleased for you.

Janet x

That’s brilliant pleased for you tc :-).

Great news Linzi. I m happy for you! Teresa xx

That’s lovely news. Thank you for sharing.



That’s brilliant news - really really happy for you

Karen x

Its so good to hear things are on the up for you. Its so hard when life tries to beat us into submission then along comes positive things which make life all worthwhile.

Keep on smiling, living life to the fullest and Im sure things will only get better for you. Thank you for sharing such an inspirational post on your life and how hanging in there pays dividends.

Luv bren


anyone noticed if they"re symptoms get worse after/during a sauna ?- i feel my leg stiffness appears to get worse during the last 2 sauna sessions i had


I’m sure it was unintentional, but you’ve managed to attach your question to a completely unrelated topic from four years ago.

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What you are talking about is called Uhthoff’s Phenomenon - symptoms worsening with heat. Very common with MS.

I’m afraid the answer may be to give up the hot saunas - unless you think they are worth the after-effects, and you can put up with them.

It isn’t doing permanent harm, so the choice is yours.


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