Something else to worry about

Hi Guys

Found out today the reason my GP has been checking my blood every month for the last 6 months, due to high and abnormal white blood cells they think som of my problems are down to Leukemia nor having to see a heamatologist to sort it out


Mac hope that it can be sorted. Don

Mac, I am sorry, the last thing you need, I’m sure. I do hope you get to see the specialist quickly. Please let us know how you get on. Best wishes, Nina x

Hi Mac, sorry to hear that. A worrying time for you. I wonder why your GP continued to do tests for 6 months before referring you. Seems like a long time. I’m not a health professional but I do know there’s lots of things that can cause an increase in white blood cells so let’s hope it’s something that can be easily treated. Hope you get to see the consultant soon. Thinking of you, Pat xx

Mac I hope it’s something and nothing. Surely if your blood tests were very abnormal your gp would have referred you earlier. This stress is definitely not needed. I hope your appointment comes up soon and you’re not left with this hanging over your head for long. You know where we are if you need us, please use our support though I know there’s not a lot we can do to help. Take care and please keep us posted.

Cath xx

Oh Mac, well that is obviously the last thing you wanted to be told, and I know it is easier said than done, but please try not to stress, it makes it so much worse.

I am surprised your gp had not referred you sooner, six months appears a long time, although I am not a medic, so that may be the norm.

Do hope your appointment comes through soon, and it proves to be something easily remedied.

Pam x

Oh Mac feel for you, Hope you get to see specialist soon. Keeping fingers crossed that it can be easily sorted. Thinking of you, Mags xx

Mac, that’s so totally unfair. You have to try and face it head on though, don’t you? Having successfully survived lymphoma a while back ( before my MS reared its head) I would say this- trust your haematologist and the nurses. My experience of the Macmillan Haematology unit where I was treated was that they were all totally dedicated to all their patients. The day room where we all showed up for chemo, every three weeks in my case, was strangely enough a very happy place. I really hope you have as good treatment as that, and you’ll be ok. Wishing you all the best… Kev


fingers crossed for you that it’s nothing serious and your referral happens quickly.

I know it’s difficult but try not to stress, stress and MS are not a good together.

Sonia x

Thanks guys for your comments and support ill let you know how things go

Hi Guys

Hadthe results of my last white blood cells check there falling so been told nothing to worry about, going to keep checking meor a few month just in case.


Great news Mac, Fingers crossed the next one will be even better! Nina x

Fantastic new Mac!!! PHEW! Take care and fingers crossed things continue to improve. Pat xx

Brilliant news Mac, fingers crossed that it continues.

Pam x

Excellent news Mac, really pleased for you, long may the good news continue xx

Great news Mac, Keeping my fingers crossed. Mags xx

Thanks Guys

That’s good news

That’s good news

Brilliant! Fingers crossed that’s the last of that.