Hello its julie i havent been on a wile and could not access old account as forgot password and have new email address

Hello my name is julie from leicestershire my husband has ms diagnosed july 2013,Hubby struggles as also registered blind but has very slight vision.I am husbands main carer and we have 2 little children.I am so depressed just like somone to talk to as i too found out recently i have more than likely have an autoimmune diease too,As repeated blood tests show"" Not sure what it is hubby keeps telling me its ms i have muscle chorea and jerking in all muscle even bum& back .Immunoglobulins el c3 c4 all raised showing muscle damage,plasma and ck test all abnormal u&e & LFT test, bone profile all abnormal have been hospital twice with chest/lung pain august 2013 .First time in was told had intestinal blockage and oplaque liver showing fatty liver signs.Secound time only 1 week later told had pleural effusion with linear atelectasis.Pain continues in lung and rib burning stabbing waiting to go back hospital gp put down as urgent referal got appointment through 10 wks away.Contacted booking office as was urgent referal by gp.Went to see gp yesterday they are chasing it up said 10 wks is not good enough as was put through as urgent.So worried none of family understand in so much pain.I understand how hubby feels with his multiple sclerosis as i am getting nerve like pain along with muscle and bone pain.xxx julie f

Oh Julie, you poor lass!

So much going on in your family. It sounds so awful.

Have you got family/friends who can help with the kiddies at all?

I hope your referral can be brought forward, as 10 weeks is far too long.

luv Pollx

HI POLLX sadly no,my dad thinks my problems all in my head,Sometimes he makes me really cross,how could i make my own blood tests get so abnormal .I feel so fed up lol.People keep saying do you feel unwell.It makes me so cross just because they cannot see it from looking at me.Hubby understands lol and he came doctors with me heard what doctor said.Like you said just hope gets brought forward.Can ms show up in bloodtests i havent heard of this before.? hubby wonders if i could have ms but jerking in muscles feels tight and no weakness just pain and extreme fatigue with all rib and lung pain it burns sometimes.xx julie

Hi Julie,

I sent you a p.m, although hadn’t seen this post at the time - was responding to your post in my “dating” thread.

I’m sorry you’re feeling so down. I do not think you have MS, although it’s natural for your husband’s first suspicion to be the disease he knows best. MS does not show in blood. Blood tests are always done, but only to rule out other things - not because there’s an “MS antibody”, or anything else that can be seen in blood.

My sister’s going through v. similar. She’s been having symptoms that could be suggestive of MS. Obviously, with my diagnosis, that was the first thing we all thought of. But it seems one of her blood tests came back abnormal, but we don’t know which one yet.

If they found anything in blood, it strongly suggests it’s not MS.



Hope this hospital appointment comes soon i will be a nervous wreck lol,All sorts of things keep popping in my head like lupus and connective tissues diseases especially as had all previous lung problems.Hopefully it wont be anything to serious i think its all the waiting it winds people up.It makes it even worse as gp said none of my blood tests were normal i had liver function plasma antibody auto antibody c3 c4 bone profile and rheumatod factor u&e fbc.Well some good news appointment has been brought forward looking at new letter from hospital just over week to wait now fantastic have to ring hubby and tell him xx julie