Back Again

Im back agin,Last aug my neurologist told me i have a benign brain tumour/ms.Confused or what,Went on holiday,had a fab time,When i returned and opened my post, i discovered they had been in contact with Charing x .Charing x hospital are stucking to there original diag,with a postive lp for PPMS,while Hillingdon Hosp are saying benign brain tumor.

Sat on this for 3 months,thinking symptoms are getting worse,not better. Decided had enough and made an appt to see my gp.

God she was brrillant,she was shocked to see how i had detoriated,had studied my case history,looked at all my scans,lp,and said the second hosp hh was talking crap,her words not mine.She is treating me for ms and has decided to look after me.

I have now been put on bacflen 5mg during the day,(i take 10mg at night),and told me to reduce my working hours.This has helped a great deal,walking still not perfect, had a nasty fall at work.But my boss has been brilliant. Im reducing my hrs in jan,going from 35hrs to 26hrs.

Sorry to have a moan,but talking to my gp helped me alot.



Hey Kim... welome back to MS world!!! Sounds like you've really been through the mill and I'm SO glad to hear you have a GP who has a heart. Thank goodness someone has taken the bull by the horns!!

Good to have you on here and hope you are doing ok.

See you on here again soon,

Pat x

Hi Kin

Welcome back, so good to hear that you have a lovely gp.

Its time like this when we really need someone on the same side as us.

Take care