Hi Guys I’ve been away a while but glad to be back, still playing around between neuro and GP sadly

Hi Mac. Are you feeling rough or is there a problem with your care? Either way it’s good to hear from another friendly person.

Take care

Cath x

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Hi Mac

Good to see you back, hope you are OK.

Pam x

Welcome back Mac, hope all is well. Been an odd sort of day here in Margate.


Great to see you back Mac. Hope all is ok.

Pat xx

Hi guys hope your all ok, been referred back to neurologist but not the same hospital, see what they come up with

I hope this Neuro is good and you get all your questions answered. Not all of them are a waste of time, there are some very dedicated ones who actually care and go the extra mile for their patients. Good luck and please let us know how you get on.

Cath x

Thank you Cath I will post on here, been told there’s a long wait for my local hospital but it’s got to be better than having to go to London all the time, and to be honest the national neurological isn’t yhat great