Blood tests

Just a thought, I’ve only had the blood test they do with your lumbar puncture to compare your glucose levels. What tests do you usually have done? I know you take vit D and B supplements, I’m taking them as you recommended but wonder if my levels are part of the reason I’m a bit down in the dumps.

Maybe it’s time to request tests but I just want to make sure I know exactly what to ask for… I know more about MS than my gp does.


Cath xx

Hi Cath, Hope you’re feeling a bit brighter today. I’ve never heard of your vitamin levels making you feel low but if you can get them checked it’s always good. Hoping its different in your neck of the woods but some GPs won’t check vit D levels. My MS nurse wrote to my GP asking them to check mine…arranged to have it at the same time as my flu jab only to be told when I got there…"we don’t know what this test is therefore we can’t see that it’s necessary "!! Hoping someone else can tell you the exact name…I’ve only heard it refered to as having your vitamin D levels checked. Take care Cath , Nina x

Thanks Nina. It just hit me that nobody has checked any of my levels and I’m only taking vit B Complex and vit D and Calcium I buy in the supermarket which are nothing like the levels mentioned on here. Let’s face it any improvement is welcome. I’m supposed to see my Neuro very soon, will have to make an appointment as I think they’ve forgotten about me.

On a brighter note, I’m feeling a bit better thanks, had a lovely family day yesterday which I always enjoy and tomorrow I’m taking an old gentleman to Kendal so he can do some shopping, he lives in the nursing home I used to work in now but still likes to get out. Thanks Everyone for your support, I’m sure you all feel this way at times. I appreciate it all.

Cath xx

Hi love , you should really have blood test every year for all kinds of things. Surprised you haven’t been called in for them. Ask your GP to do them. Normally I have to ask for the vit d test but others eg cholesterol, glucose etc should be routine. Pat x

At previous GPs I also had them yearly but the horrible lot I have now will do absolutely anything to save a few penny’s. Nina x

I had to go for a liver function test on Monday so I asked the nurse if she could add a Vit D check for me and she said they’d changed the rules… because the nurses kept adding so many things, the GP had to give you a form stating what was required :frowning:

It’s a shame as the nurses were really good and would have a quick cheat when they took your blood and check anything that had been left for a while.

I know my B12 was checked before the whole Dx as when I first started having problems walking, the GP added it to my tests but aside from that, I’ve been told my cholesterol is a little high :wink:

Sonia x