Some youngster are disability aware

Hi I wanted to share a good experience with you all as I found it so endearing.

Yesterday I went to the cinema and on the way out needed to go to the toilet. On my way to the disabled toilet door (I’m a wheelchair user) I heard this woman calling her young son to come to her, but he said “I’m just going to open the for this lady” The mother said “What are you doing come here” but he replied “Yes I will but I’m helping this lady first”. He then opened the toilet door for me and said "Will you be okay? I said “Yes, thank you so much for being so kind, thank you for your help”.

I could have managed on my own, but that wasn’t the point, he had kindly offered to help without anyone prompting him to do so.

The super point is that he was only about 4 or maybe 5 years old.

Now isn’t that lovely,

Mary xxx

What a lovely thing to hear, gives you confidence that there are decent people about x

What a lovely little boy! A great testament to young people. Some of the older ones could learn from him, including the old lady who attacked Hazel’s car. Teresa xx

Thank you Tartar and Teresa, Yes its so lovely that someone so young is thinking about helping people and so very different from the experience that Hazel had - it makes you wonder what problems that old woman had because this is not normal behaviour. I must admit I think Hazel handled it very well especially as she had to handle the upsetting discriminatory remarks alongside her car was also damaged - it was quite a violent episode and really should have been reported to the Police. I hope Hazel is recovering from it. I also hope this old lady learnt a lesson that disability takes many forms and she has no right to pre-judge situations.

In terms of my experience yesterday I was just so pleased because even though I could have managed on my own (sometimes I can’t and need help but don’t like to ask) this little chappie just showed his natural caring nature and it was so very sweet.

Mary x

Hi Mary, I love this story, what a positive experience. Cheryl:)

There’s hope yet

What a lovely little boy.

Karen x

Hi Mary

Such a lovely story…it remnds me of a similar experience a few weeks ago. Whilst visiting my friend who has 2 year old twins, I was struggling with my crutch and holding onto my friend to get to my car, the little boy Luca ran in front of us. Of course we thought he was trying to make an escape out into the front garden Can you believe it he was actually dashing to hold the door open for us to get past…it was totally unprompted and made me smile to think that such a little chap was aware of my needs. His mum must be very proud of him…

Linda x

Hi Mary

Yes that was a lovely gesture from such a young chap.



Thank you for all the replies I’m not sure on this site how to respond individually so I hope you all accept this as a reply until I get used to this site again. Its so ice to hear that others have had the same type of experiences from youngsters. This is the first ime it has happend to me and I was delighted by the little chappie.

It has now got me wondering how people change to become like the older woman who attacted Hazel’s car - life experiences I guess - but so sad.

((((((((Hugs))))))) Mary