Wheelchairs and young people

I have to say I always feel a bit self conscious going to the school in the wheelchair. However, over time I got more used to it and I suppose I stopped caring what other people thought and the people(other parents) that I’m friendly with don’t seem bothered by it. Anyway my son has moved on to senior school and I’d never been there before in the wheelchair. Last night they had an open evening so you could just go along and have a look. I was a bit nervous about going in the wheelchair but I thought I’d go along anyway. Anyway just wanted to say that, I know sometimes we hear about people being rude to people in wheelchairs. But last night the senior pupils were on hand to assist with any questions, direct people to where they wanted to go and they were so polite and helpful. They wondered if I needed any help, they showed me where the lift was, they could n’t have been more polite or helpful, a real credit to the school. Cheryl:-)