Polite people

Last week my husband, two children (aged 10 and 7) and I went to London for a few days, while there we went to the Westfield shopping centre near the site of the Olymic games. I was in the wheelchair. I’ve read many reports on here about people being inconsiderate to wheelchair users, well I have to say that that was not my experience at all, I came across all sorts of very polite people, who held doors opened, came back to open doors for me, all sorts of things like that including two older Japanese women who were a good bit in front, looked behind, saw me in the wheelchair approaching a door and turned and ran back to open the door before I got there. At the end of the visit to the shopping centre my ten year old son said that he thought people were very inconsiderate, my husband agreed with him. I told the two of them that that probably was the case for them but as far as I was concerned as a wheelchair user, I only came across polite people. Thanks to the people of London. Cheryl:-)

That’s lovely Cheryl, glad you had a good time,

Luisa x

Glad you had a good time and nice to know that there are considerate people out in the big wide world.

Janet x

Hi Cheryl

That’s good news I’m pleased you had a good day - people can be (and it helps to make up for those who aren’t so kindso kind).

I think the problem is that able bodied people don’t always understand what it is they need to do to help us (I’m a wheelchair user too).

Sometimes people hold door open which is really helpful and sometimes they let them shut just as you arrive which can be very frustrating. Sometimes I’ve politely asked people why they let the door close and explained my difficulties. They’ve responded by saying they thought disabled people wanted to remain independent and do things for themselves for as long as possible.

I think the government and charities dealing with disabilities should do more advertising on how to treat people with disabilities in a more constructive way.

I always say thank you to people who have offered help and if I don’t need their help I say I’m okay thanks but thanks for offering you’re very kind and although I don’t need help this time I may do in the future so don’t be shy to offer assistance as I’m grateful for it.

I’ve been in some really tricky situations and have been pleasantly surprised by people’s kindness.

I’m so pleased you had a good day as we need as many of those as we can get.

((((Hugs))) Mary

Hi Cheryl, lovely post! I live in London and have to say I find people generally very nice and helpful. When I still could use buses and tube and used walking stick, somebody would always offer me a seat. Sometimes several people would stand up at once! Now I use mobility scooter and someone will usually hold doors open or apologise for being in my way (even when I’m actually in their way). People always offer to get me something off high shelf in supermarket and sometimes even offer to pack my shopping (which I politely decline).

Londoners often get a bad rep for being rude and unfriendly, so nice to hear that you enjoyed your visit here and found the same as I do… warmth and politeness.

Pat x

Yes we should not let the inconsiderate get to us, and celebrate to good people.


Pleased you had a good experiance,its only a small minority that are rude, thankfully.

i have good days and bad days with regards to peoples attitudes, i sometimes get the michael taken out of me,at times i get dirty looks too, but you know what it doesnt bother me at all now,i am outspoken and can give as good as i can get,i find the more ‘upper class’ they think they are the ruder they are.

jaki xx

Good, it`s right to report good stuff, as well as the bad.

So glad you found the good stuff!

luv Pollx