Some thoughts

Here I sit, all fat and round. Kids gone out, there is no sound

choccies still left to eat and I still can’t walk on these stupid feet

i don’t care coz there’s cake in the tin and wont be long till they’re all back in

but till then I’ll sit and slouch on my lovely comfy squashy couch

i hope you’re all in good fettle, and your tummies left to settle

not too many wobbles or falls or pain or sadness to you all

stupid words I had to say, it’s been a lovely sunny day xx


Slug that was a ‘‘a tapestry of words’’. (I borrowed that title from a book a friend gave me). and could only describe it as such, that was wonderful slug and thank you for sharing that,…


There was a great poet called Slug,

Whose food had the effect of a plug,

For the families sake -

You ate all the cake

And the crumbs were swept under a carpet.

I thank you.

Nice one Slug

It would seem that Albrecht wants to kick off a poetry slam,

If I could only find rhymes for Slug & slam…


I can only think of flug and flam. So obviously I’m not joining in.


when your belly feels like jelly

and your up to your ears in chox

when you cannot cope with one more beer

and your feet are too fat for your sox

then it`s time to say no, just let it go

and leave it all out for the fox!

not my best work, but my brain`s befuddled with christmas fodder!!!



Plug and ham ?

where are you going to go with plug & ham? but where did it come from? i’m confused! (not like me)

greetingz to all, julien,xx

Slug removed the plug, then took a glug…or two

the fuzzy head rose from the bed, but made it to the loo…phew!

Out came the bread and the ham then the jam but …damn

it fell on the floor.

Albrecht durer came with the Hoover and cleaned it all away

just as well, as slug fell about and banged her head off the door

im so sorry all just waffling. Good day to you all xx

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I’m only here for the free toffee Julien, and looking for the jam to go in my Pegasus’ sandwich…

What toffee? No one told me about toffee!

A Pegasus sandwich? Is it a new French delicacy?

Poll x