some things i have learned.....

…since i started using a wheelchair.

i am invisible! 3 separate folk have landed on my knee cos they were texting etc on their phone.

when using a ramp for bus/train put my handbag on my knee then return to chair arm when parked up.

delivery vans park where they want-double yellow lines or dropped kerbs a speciality.

my chair cant jump-i need room for my turning circle. (most obvious on the bus when i need to travel backwards gggrrr)

some cause more disruption by trying to help. (i appreciate the effort but it often makes then feel/look stupid. i always thank these ones cos their intention is good)

‘theres a wheelchair coming on’ erm no! theres a person in a w/c but thats a minor niggle for me.

i try not to moan but i feel better for getting that out-thanks, as you were folks!



I have learned that delivery vans have all kinds of useful aids to help the drivers do their job.

Our local chemist next door to the GPs, has hatched yellow lines which I think must be especially for the pharmacy delivery vans to park on. It’s a bit dangerous going round them in the direction of where cars drive in to the car park. But it’s a must in order to get to the ramp.

I did suggest that maybe they could move the delivery yellow lines to somewhere else so that wheelchair users can get from the disabled parking spaces safely to the ramp, but so far no joy.

Those dropped curbs seem to favour delivery vans too. They sometimes park right across them. And sometimes just to the edge of them so they can get their deliveries safely to where they’re needed. It can make crossing the road a bit hazardous if I want to use one to get off the pavement, because seeing round a big truck is difficult. But so long as the delivery drivers have an easier life, it’s OK.

I’ve also learned that I’m a bit like a child. I get smiled at ever so sweetly. Sometimes it seems a tiny little bit patronising, but I understand that us disabled folk are to be pitied. So a little smile that says ‘I think you’re so brave’ and ‘isn’t she sweet?’ just makes my day.


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