so tired

Good morning all Time is 3.45am and i have been awake for the past hour. My husband has pressure sores and i am trying my very best to keep him well. Everytime we get the wound healing my husband continually scratches the wound. I really don’t believe it and feel frustrated that all the time taken to help him heal is being reversed. Caz

hi caz

try bandaging his hands and using some of those fluffy handcuffs to stop him scratching.

you need to look after yourself because you are heading for being poorly yourself.

sorry if my first sentence seems flippant.

i do feel for your husband but we used to put cotton mittens on the kids when they were babies to stop them scratching themselves.

best wishes to you both

carole x

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Hello Caz

I think many of us really feel for you with the dreadful sores your dear husband has and the current problems you are living with.

Carole is right (not about the handcuffs!) about you needing some rest in order that you don’t make yourself ill.

It sounds like you are doing a wonderful job but I do hope you are getting some respite from your caring.

Very best wishes to you and your husband.



Fortunately my wife doesn’t yet have pressure sores. She is however currently in hospital and they have recently had new mattresses installed which help prevent pressure sores, they are an air mattress divided into many panels and these are pumped up (and let down) alternately so that only half of the panels are in contact with the body at any time.

It might be something to consider for prevention in the future, if cash is tight there may be some alternative way to get hold of one.

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Hi Carole,

I have brought him some used for Eczema so will probably be covered in bed when he has finished but I can only try.

He is a nightmare.


Hi there,

He does already have a Talley Quattro plus very High risk but they make him sweat and then he gets the moisture lesions…a vicious circle.