Pressure Ulcers


My husband John is was diagnosed with MS a few years ago. Now he is confined either to his chair or bed. The doctors have warned me that he is at risk at developing pressure ulcers. We have the special mattress and cushions. He has very frail and thim skin. I have researched and found out that there are special bedding and clothes to prevent pressure ulcers. Have any of you had experience with these products? Would you recommend me trying them out?

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HI, I spend all my time either seated or lying down and I am also afraid of getting pressure ulcers. My carers check my skin daily and used a barrier cream on my botty called conatrane…not sure of spelling!

They also moisturise my legs and feet with body butter. Does you hubby have his done? We need to keep our skin well moisturised and hydrated.

I`m sorry I dont have any experience of special clothing to advise you on. Hopefully, someone else will be able to.


Hi again. I am wondering how things are going for you.

Have you spoken to your district nurses about your needs?

They are the people who look after my skin and provided me with a profiling bed and pressure care mattress.


Maybe this could help you guys with extra tip as it done for me Preventing pressure ulcers: MedlinePlus Medical Encyclopedia