So MRI is clear and doctors are finished with me!

I had an MRI of brain and spine and it has come back clear. My neurologist said that that’s all he’s going to do at this stage and that I should just go back to my GP if I continue to have problems, or the rheumatologist that diagnosed me with fibromyalgia who I would have to wait over a year to see and who is not very helpful at all.

But the symptoms are still continuing and pretty much ruining my life. No doctors I’ve met have actually tried to help me with these symptoms, just told me to exercise and eat well (which I know is important).

I am so frustrated and I’ve wasted money that I don’t have on neuro who charged 300 and only saw me for around 7 mins!:frowning:

So I guess I just have to somehow get on with my life and wait. My family are already claiming this as a victory and reminding me that there’s nothing wrong with me and I’m perfectly healthy and meanwhile I don’t know how to cope…

They can’t understand how I am a little disappointed that my MRI didn’t give me any answers and that the clear result meant the doctors were done with me and I’ve got no support now…

Anyway sorry for rambling.

Any advice on how to proceed from here? I can’t afford any more doctors right now. :frowning:

If your symptoms persist see your GP, you might have help with coping with them. If you feel that you need further investigation you can ask to be referred to a neuro, but it may just be a case of waiting until/if any new symptoms appear. No fast fixes here I’m afraid.

Good luck


Hi morrigan

what sumptoms were you having? It might help to explain a clear mri? Also have you had a lumbar puncture?

Hi, no, dont go paying out anymore money for private appointments.

I absolutely fume when I hear people are being discharged, because their MRI or other tests come back normal.

Obviously there IS something wrong…I doubt most strongly that you are making your symptoms up!

And as for your family`s attitude towards you…well that is disgusting!

So, what are your symptoms hun?

I had typical PPMS like symptoms for years (still do) and was wrongly diagnosed with it.

But in 2010 was told I have another, equally incurable and chronic condition.

Luckily i was never discharged and am still seen regularly by neurology.

As my disability is quite rare, I think I am still of interest to them!

luv Pollx

If you had fallen down the stairs and badly damaged your ankle, would your family expect you to be able to dance the light fantastic until dawn just because an X-ray had confirmed no broken bones? Of course they wouldn’t.

If you are feeling charitable, you could put it down to their just being very pleased that you don’t have MS. If you are feeling less saint-like, you might like to keep reminding them that ‘Not MS’ does not necessarily equal ‘Perfectly Healthy’. It is a logical nonsense, and one moment’s thought ought to have made that clear to them. But that’s nearest and dearest for you. Try not to let it get you down.

By the way, that wasn’t wasted money. As far as the scans show, you seem to have excluded MS from the list of current suspects. That is not wasted money: that is real progress. Finding out what you haven’t got helps to focus the mind on what options are left. You don’t sound enthused with the fibromyalgia dx and I’m not surprised: it is a rotten condition and poorly understood/completely misunderstood. If the latest results have, at least, made you more inclined to accept that as the most likely cause of your troubles, I hope that you can find more support to help you to manage it.

Good luck.