Time to start living again?!!

Hi everyone So after 11 months of symptoms, brain MRI, cervical spine MRI, lumbar puncture, and VEP’s all coming back clear…I’ve today been given the news that my full spinal MRI is also clear. I’m really happy but know I’m not out of the woods!! I’ve been told there is no other tests they can do and to just ‘wait it out’. GP’s, neurologist, eye specialists have all been great and have i’ve been treated brilliantly so can’t complain. I just wondered if anybody else has been in the same position and how did you move on with your life whilst still experiencing symptoms without answers? Xx

The closest I came to this (and it was not very close) was when I was recovering from my first (very MS-y looking) relapse and the neurologist said that I had two options - Option 1 ( which he recommended), was to go home and forget all about it and get on with my life. Option 2 was launch into the whole MRI hoopla and see where that would take us.

I went for Option 1, and was surprised by how easy it was to do that - liberating, even! - and that was even though I had a pretty good idea what the trouble was, and reckoned that he did too.

The fact that you have, in fact, had all the investigations that I avoided, and they have come back negative should, I hope, allow you to get on with your life with a much lighter heart - you have been through all the pain and worry and come out with a clean bill of health, which is wonderful. You have every good reason to face the future with confidence - even if you do not know what your symptoms are caused by, you now have a firm idea what they are not caused by!

I hope it all goes well for you. It sounds as though you are doing a good job dealing with all the poking and prodding and medical appointment that have come to nothing - except that they have not come to nothing, of course - they have stacked up the evidence to reassure you that it isn’t MS.

Good luck with it all.


Hi Ive spent years without answers and had to find a way to keep struggling through all my symptoms. Ive had loads of tests, which all came back normal.

How did I do it? I dunno really,…by joining this site and making friends with lots of kind folk…and offering support to others too…it made me feel better to know my words could comfort someone.

Not long after I started with mobility problems and painful spasms, I retired early from work, on ill health, as the fatigue was overwhelming. I was 48.

Since all that, I have got to 60 somehow, still with a big fat ? on my forehead.

Luckily I was never discharged from the hospital, nor was i made to feel I was imaging my problems, like some poor souls here have.

Ive had and still have a good network of support, without which I doubt i wouldve survived all the c##p that`s been chucked at me!

If your nature is strong and positive, despite occassional wobbles, you pull through…somehow.

Hang in there chuck!