Spine MRI clear!!

Well, it's not D-Day after all. The spine MRI was clear. The neurologist isn't convinced that I'm purely functional so is pressing for answers. I've still got an EEG and Evoked Potentials on 7th March, if that throws nothing up he's referring me to his friend who is a 'jerk' Professor at the John Radcliffe (wonder what his real title is!!). 

Sooo, like so many of you, I have all the symptoms and no diagnosis which means no drugs. The neurologist has asked that I cope until he's sure about what is wrong rather than pumping me with the wrong drugs. I don't want to have MS by any means but I desperately want to feel better. I only want to feel better. 

Sorry it's all still up in the air letdown

Never heard of a "jerk" professor before! Well, not in the way you intended anywaytounge

Fingers crossed for you that something shows up very soon!

Karen x

Hi - yes, thanks, I hope so! It's all a bit draining tbh. If I don't fit MS and I don't fit FND then I'm not sure what's left or how I can get better. All exotic blood tests are clear. Any advice?

Losing my sense of humour now. 


Running for the hills as she says...... patience? confused

It completely and utterly sucks, but the only thing you can do is take it one step at a time. Let the neuro do all he can, then the new bloke if necessary. After that (god forbid!), whatever's they recommend. But always one step at a time.


Hang in there.






I am so sorry your b-day turned out like this. I really hope you get  answers soon. Hang on in there....(even though i'm having a breakdown every time someone says that to me at the moment) I know it sucks but hopefully the politically incorrect prof will have some answers!

Chis x

Hang in there too..and maybe this new prof will look at things differently and possbilly offer a different appraoch to finding out what is Karen says be patient..with yourself and the system that you are in..even though it sucks..everything will fall into place for you..just a question of when..

Thanku so much for all your lovely responses. I've been sent home early from work cos I wasn't coping, very tearful and hating all this that's happening to me as I know you all understand so well. I think I'm fearing that I'll never feel any better and that's certainly a life I don't want. So a day feeling sorry for myself when I'm usually so chirpy and cope cope cope with everything - seems you can break the old horse. 

At least when I'm stressed I clean. The kitchen looks very sparky now angel

Hugs xx

Sending you some ((((((hugs)))))

Miserable isn't it?  Hope tomorrow is a better day xxxx