so confused

saw a consultant last week after a referal from my neurolagist that i see with reference to migraine they did an mri and found lesions on my brain i was told with this and symptoms of speech problems and balance issues i had ms, the consultant last week said that i may have ms but untill i have an event they will not confirm this. he told me i needed to do alot of research into the condition and know what it is and what can happen so if i have an event i can contact him but even then there will not be a diagnosis untill a second event and this may never happen, i have realised i did not tell him half the things i should have i did not tell him about the fatigue i feel when i sit down and cry because i am so tired for no reason or the pain in my back when i have done nothing or the vertigo that i was told was viral have i missed ‘events’ and now have to start again with unexplained symptoms and people thinking i am being dramatic and at 34 just need to get a grip, do i contact him and tell him i did not tell him everything as overwhelmed looking at scan of my brain with lesions on, for two months i waited thinking at least i kmew what was wrong now i feel like i have no idea again very confused asto what the next step is or should be.

Hi Lucyk414 yes you have to tell him every thing otherwise he wont know, and they could help him give you a derrinate DX…you may still need an episode but it will help… Take care

Lucyk414, may I suggest you keep a symptom diary.

Write down these past events, with rough dates if you can, and then update it as necessary.

I know what you mean about being overwhelmed when you see your first brain scan, and as you’ve found, it is really easy to forget to say everything you intended. Keep your symptom diary succinct. Oh, and don’t leave it at home come your next appointment! (easily done if you’re like me). Also, jot down anything else you want to ask/discuss with the Neuro. It’s quite simple, and really does help.