so angry

i have just recived a lovly letter from york city concil stating that they have stopped my housing benafits and concil tax benafits. This has all come about because of royal mail losing a form so i now have no esa no concil tax and no housing benafits grrrrrr. If it were my fault i would not be bothered but iv done nothing wrong its royal mails mess but im now at risk of endding up homless and the local concil dont give a dam. Personaly i thought it was illegal to make a vulnrable adult homless wich is exactly what york city concil are doing to me. Dose any one have any idea of what i nead to be doing other than starting all my bloody claims from the begining. James

James do you have a local Tennancy Association who can help you or a social worker/support worker?


Get on the URL we’d site and download forms, or get the number for disability person and tell then to get ar** out? Try the disable go Section D for disabled and follow link? There is a link for special needs assessment, occupational therapy and Yorks independent living assessment centre. Think job for fri is this, have not got ant cardboard boxes to use in park and they will get soggy with rain Mike

Hi, I wouldn’t worry about being made homeless at this stage. Most important thing to do just now is sort out the issue with your claim and ask for it to be backdated to the date it was cancelled. Worst case scenario if you are a secure tenant would be for a small arrears balance which you can negotiate a repayment arrangement with your landlord on

James, did you take copies of any of your forms? If you didnt please do in future.

I think you need expert advice here, someone to help you fight your corner. You should not be made homeless because of royal mail losing your forms.

Id ring as advised above and I wish you luck, who needs this sort of worry & upset. ((((((((((((hugs)))))))))))) - hope you get some help and all is sorted very soon.



Do you have welfare rights workers in York? We do in Leeds, they help with such issues. They even speak to the ESA people on your behalf. Also they can speak with the council. If not do you have welfare workers attached to other disabled charities? Get your fingers moving on your computer and look for help and advice - use your search engine. Book an appointment and once youve found the right worker Im sure they can help.

Keep us posted.



thanks for the advice people i think i have managed to get thing sorted today. Well most of it. It turns out york city concil can do a 24hr start to finish turn around on housing and concil tax claims but no one told me that when i spoke to them on the phone yesterday so im a bit calmer than i was. There is still my esa to get sorted but i think thats in the bag now as well james