Snakes and spiders

Hi - hoping for help. I had an absolutely awful night last night. I had snakes and spiders in both my legs. This was very weird and distressing. Result was I couldn’t sleep even with temazepan. So totally shattered today. Does anyone else experience these mad odd symptoms. I would just like to know that I am not alone. Many thanks Min xx

Hi Flower,

Love your description. Brilliant. I can totally identify with the “spiders”. Im forever swatting and scratching my legs. So sorry you had a tough night of it though.

My legs have a mind of its own too. I spend most of the time wishing I couldnt feel them at all. Its horrible isnt it. To be honest, I would say its the most annoying, disabling and painful part of my illnesses. I try to be fascinated by the alien show they put on under and above the skin, but it doesnt last. Recently, I find my toes are always pointing and tremoring through the night ,which in turn leaves me with alot of after-pain. For the rest of the day then, Im exhausted and feel like Ive done a midnight marathon, and also I find it too painfull and am too stiff to walk.

I managed to calm down the activity in my legs, by increasing Gabapentin. It helps alot, particularly the painful jerks, however, it iincreased my hand tremors. I also have a deep leg and foot massage on a daily basis. I’d be lost without these. Sometimes , if you can tolerate the it, a warm Radox bath helps. I often have these in the middle of the night, if Im losing my will to live. It really does work.

Hope you have a better night, tonight.

Almond xxx

Hi Almond, Thanks for this. Glad that I am not alone. Gabapentin- reluctant for more meds but will consider if it continues. Deep leg and foot massage sounds great - who does that for you??? Thanks again Min xx

Hi, Although not diagnosed, along with all the other strange numerous sensations, pains etc… I get the spider crawling in my chin and I hate it drives me nuts, have it every day now. Today I returned to work, phased so mornings only on admin basis, and oh boy I know about it can hardly feel my left hand at the moment, had what I call disabling fatigue when got home. But a new strange thing was at work I felt like I was been dripped on by water, I wasn’t of course, must be like when get burning or cold sensations on parts of skin at times? I have a jerking of arms, legs even head at night normally, wakes me and often my hubbie who gets on the receiving end of the affected limb! The nervous system is certainly strange that’s for sure. Take care Ally x

I get up and have a warm pressure shower during the night most nights, sometimes more than once. It helps to relieve it a bit and there’s something about the cooling down process afterwards that helps prompt the body to sleep. In terms of getting up and going to work, I find a night of broken sleep is better than no sleep and the distress of being in pain / discomfort with the buzzing / crawling sensation.


I must confess I’m one of the lucky ones. My husband does it, and thats because he wants too ofcourse. Luckily hes very good at massages. Its become part of our day now and its making so much difference.

I used to have alot of work done on my back, and that was paid for by my workplace. However, now Im retired, and I dont fancy spending £30 a day on a massage therapist.

Gabapentin - I hated upping the dose, but unfortunately I needed it. Only do it if nothing else works.

Might try the warm pressure shower suggested by Starling, in the future. See if that works.

Good luck

Almond xxx

OOPs , forgot to say " Thanks StarlingSS for the pressure wash tip" .

No problem!x