I have been trying to ignore all the weird unexplained things that keep happening to me as my neuro does not seem to be bothered. However, for the last five days I have had a constant smell of petrol. I tried washing everything and then realised that it is not really there.

I know it is called phantosmia and it does appear to be related to the brain.

Anyone got any ideas?



firstly i love ur hand pic!

smells-yes i frequently smell things that are not real but could be-steak pie cooking, burning, oranges…

my mouth/taste has already been affected. the smell thing is interesting but i havent done anything about it other than understand its my misfiring brain.


Aaagh, not my hands lol.

I have had it for almost a week now. What is really weird is that it is also making my eyes sting but I know that the smell is not really there.

Wish I could run my car on it, that would make it worthwhile.

hiya again

lol re running car on it-if only!

your brain is tricking you but you are sneakier than it! i say that cos if u smile-a false grin-then ur brain cant tell the difference and thinks its real so starts chemicals flowing and so make u feel better (read that years ago, cant remember where but it works!)

so i would try it with smell-why not?! think of a smell you love…

oh-dont misunderstand i am not saying ‘its all in your head’-i know its very real but we gotta do what we have to in order to get thru each day.

i have a wee story re petrol but that wont help my ‘distraction tip’ so will keep it to myself…