Weird smells - phantosmia

Has anyone else had issues with suddenly smelling things that aren’t there. It hit again yesterday where I could suddenly smell steak crisps on a couple of my fingers after wiping my hands on a clean towel or being in my sons wardrobe between his clean clothes. I’ve had it before but we haven’t eaten those crisps for a while.

Can neurological issues (still pending MRI results!) cause this, and have you had it?


I’m quite sure I’ve had this but can’t remember what the scent was…though I think it was linked to an old memory. I’ve also tasted citrus where there was none (hubby and daughter checked). Yes, I’m quite sure it can be neurological in origin. I’ve had one MRI that came back ‘within normal limit’ but am being referred back again. Good luck with your results - wishing you clarity.

Hi I’m not dx yet but I always get the smell of candyfloss very strange. Good luck with the outcome Mandi x

Thanks for your replies :slight_smile:


i’ve had smells that arent there too.

my favourite one is freesias because my mum loved freesias and i ut a bunch in her coffin.

so when i smell them i say hello to my mum.

carole x

Do you also have a heightened sense of smell as some people on here have previously reported?

No, my senses have always been high. I can smell egg on glasses that have been washed with an egg pan in the dishwasher. Nothing there has changed. It’s literally just the unexpected smell of steak crisps that when checked later, aren’t there.

Will wait and see what MRI says before I raise that one with my GP. Prob just a migraine aura thingy or something, although nerves are a little more sensitive at the moment too, so who knows. :slight_smile: