Smelling smells that are not there

Hi All

For the last few weeks I have been smelling smoke when nobody else can.

I was wondering if this could be an ms thing , any ideas ?

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Someone mentioned this a few months ago, think the answer was yes.

I have a very sensitive sense ofd smell, not sure if it’s related to my MS or not.

Frustrating for you.



Yes, quite a few of us get this from time to time.

It’s called Phantosmia or Olfactory Hallucination.


My partner is quite a spiritual lady. Her late mother used to smoke quite heavily. Sometimes she will smell cigarette smoke, even when I can’t and she will say he mother is about the place.

Lately it has happened to me. My late parents both smoked very heavily. Occasionally I will catch a smell that is just like their coats, which used to really smell of old smoke.


Here is a link to an earlier thread on this topic…


Hi Tuan

afraid so when i went blind in my left eye i started smelling gas chinese dinners canabis you name it, and trust me when i say waking ones wife at 3am for a gas smell was not my finest hour :slight_smile: then smelling roast dinners until my wife pointed i had stood in dog doos :slight_smile: i was walking around the house like the Bisto Kid ( those of us ole enough to remember )

Above all laugh i cause im sure the MS laughs at us, the rule we now follow home here is

smoke gas burning wake the wife anytime

everything else wait til morning



I occasionally smell perfume. It’s a light, flowery fragrance and it’s not any perfume I’ve ever worn. There aren’t any flowers in the area that smell like this, or that have a strong enough fragrance. As olfactory hallucinations go, it’s a pleasant one.

I bought my mums house off her long before she passed away which was in 1992. She was a heavy smoker and when I first moved in, EVERYTHING smelled of smoke. That went away gradually as we decorated and changed carpets etc etc. In the last 5-10 years or so there is a particular place in the house where I frequently smell smoke - my kids have smelled it too. I’m convinced it’s my mum but I havn’t figured out why yet!

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Electrical burning, which is a tad disturbing​ drives me mad. Good job friend is an electrician, all checked, no sign of imminent disaster!!

Oh yes, electrical burning here too. Yesterday it was chocolate and coffee and I don’t have any! I met a lady in the library yesterday who can’t eat after 6 pm in the evening otherwise when she is asleep, she starts to smell things then starts dreaming or hallucinating or sleep walking! She said she has shouted her husband and hit him before now after only sneaking a small biscuit late at night.

Libraries are full of useful information.

Libraries are full of idiots that don’t turn their bloody phones off as well, i don’t need a biscuit to shout at my husband, or be asleep for that matter!

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Who mentioned biscuits? Can I have a biscuit if I promise to shout at my husband?

Awwww, poor Mr Ssssue, course you can have a biscuit, you don’t need to shout at him, mine on the other hand, eats far too many, so he needs shouting at (for his own good) hitting him is going a bit far, besides he’s a lot bigger than me & he cooks my tea.

I’m not sharing my biscuits with him, he’s too well padded already.

But no, don’t hit yours. If he’s required to cook tea then he might go on strike.


And why oh why can’t we use emoji? It would improve life so much. We’re not all Scudgers and able to illustrate our posts. Just imagine a Mr Man, called something like Mr Tubby!!

The library had a minute’s silence today after adult story time, biscuits and tea. Just for a change, no-one’s phone was switched on. No funny smells today, just wind and floods. My clothes including undies are in the bath tub, twice in two days soaked through. At least I went out for a walk.

My most favourite smell, sorry to digress, is actually books. I love the smell of the paper & the feel of them. I cannot read an e book, they are just not the same. Mr Dc = Mr Sumo, definitely need emojis!!

I can be in bed and all of a sudden I can smell car exhaust fumes quite strong like the car is in the bedroom, I did mention it to my neuro and nurse and they said there maybe a link to my ms…

Burnt electrics this afternoon as I was out by the river.