Nasal smell

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I have had PPMS since 2006, and recently noticed, occasionally, a peculiar smell when I breath in through just my nose. I am unable to describe to you what it is similar to, since I have never smelt it before. I can only say sickly, tangy. Any suggestions, or has my MS now affected my olfactory senses?


Aha I am not the only one, I lie in bed and can’t smell car exhaust fumes. It’s that strong I have woken the wife to make sure no ones put a pipe in our bedroom for the insurance

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yep-taste and smell is affected-real and imaginary just to cause further confusion. (i dont have the same ‘label’ as you but its all ms as we re led to believe)


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Ho I often smell peculiar things and smoke and diesel but there is a smell that I don’t know it comes when I am done for the day fatigued .

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Hi there,

Many of us with MS smell smells that aren’t there, it’s called Olfatory Hallucinations or Phantosmia; I occasionally get it myself.

I’m not sure if this is what Steve is referring to in the opening post, but here’s a link to an old thread with plenty of examples…


My husband has PPMS and at least once a week he gets up in the middle of the night and gets dressed thinking it’s time to go to work, even though he has a huge digital clock by the side of the bed. I usually sense he’s got up but he will do it 2 or 3 times in the same night. Does anyone else experience this?