slippy tiles any one?


i wondered if anyone could suggest which bathroom/kitchen tiles aren’t slippy underfoot, when wet. so many surfaces are lethal, especially when using a walking stick, the ruddy stick just shears away at almost supersonic speed. i find supermarket and shopping centre/mall entrances particularly hairy to get into on rainy days.

does anyone else find that in public loos, you can wash your hands and only then do you realise that the designers have ‘helpfully’ put the hand drier/towels 10 feet or more away, which is a problem when you use a stick, cos wet hands aren’t great for stick use… and then you find that the tiles on the floor are lethal when there’s water on them, which there is, cos the drier/towels are… and so on. of course, by now i should know to check out my options first, or just hang a giant hand sanitiser bottle round my neck. ah well.

gripe over.

wendy x

hi wendy

i sympathise fully.

all those places think they are inclusive but have they asked a disabled person? nope!

you can buy small bottles of hand sanitiser gel from boots. fit in your handbag.

now no slipping!

carole x

Yes - As Carole has suggested - just carry one of those hand sanitisers with you or the wipes. l find some of the hand washing facilities in public loos not very clean. You are touching taps that others have used. Same of course with the door handles. Wait until you are away from the loo then clean your hands. lf its a push door - l try to do it with my elbow!

The lino l have in my shower room is non-slip. And downstairs in our wet-room we have a special floor covering that is also non-slip - and it goes up the walls - where the skirting would have been - to stop water flooding over and under it.

Do frequently re-new the rubber ferrule on your sticks. They do soon wear smooth. You can get them online - Amazon/ebay.

Now keep on those feet - no slipping on your b*m.

I have found that the only sort of bathroom flooring that is non-slip is the specialist sort that spacejacket describes in her wet room. I once had a bathroom floor done in so-called non-stick tiles. Expensive disaster. Fortunately, no harm done except to the pocket - needed to shell out for the whole damned thing to be redone as a proper wet room with proper wet room flooring material - curving up the walls, as spacejacket says. Safe and hygienic.


thank you carol, spacejacket and alison, i do carry a hand sanitiser, in my bag, but i seem to always go to the loo at the same time as people who don’t seem to think that hand sanitiser is an acceptable alternative to washing your hands, so i get a chorus of tutts?! i also tend to be a bit pooped by the time i get to public loos and often forget the sanitiser and just wash my hands, running on automatic really. my brain refuses to spare me slipping and wobbling (or tutting eejits).

advice about flooring is really helpful, and i’ll be getting a new end for my stick, too.

thanks for taking the time.

wendy xx

How about next time you’re at a hand towel dispenser take a few extra and stick them in your bag - then when you wash your hands, use the ones in your bag and go to the machine on the wall to get a few more for next time. It’s changing the order in which you do things, but after a while you should have a routine. I know it’s something else to carry around but it’s just a thought.

I think the wetroom flooring is called Altro. I have it both my bathroom and kitchen and it is completely non slip when wet.

it has a sparkly effect and so doesn’t look utilitarian.

thank you all. i really do need to try to start doing that walkingbarefoot, l,eave some folded in my handbag, as a matter of course.

wendy xx