Cleaning the wet room floor

Well, I finally got my very expensive, but very lovely wet room. The floor is tiled and I have under floor heating. The tiles are textured so as to be slip resistant. The problem now is that they’re so non slip that my cleaner can’t mop the floor. It just sticks . I’ve rung the plumber to ask his advice or suggestions, but now he’s been paid he’s not responding to my voicemails. So, can anyone give me any advice?

I’m wondering if I ought to buy a steam mop, but don’t want to go to the expense if it’s not going to work.

Hi Flowerpot

We use a steam mop on ours (obviously by we I mean ‘he’). We have no underfloor heating (I’m very envious!). But it is of course non slip. However, I don’t think there was a problem with mops on the floor before the steam cleaner arrived in our (his) lives. So it may not be relevant.

My OH does love the steam mop.



Yep, a steam mop would do the job, we have one that cost about £30…bloody plumers, he probably thinks you’re going to complain!


Love my steam mop - l did have an expensive one - which did not last very long. So l bought a cheaper one - which is exactly the same - even uses the same tools so that you can clean everywhere including windows. lt was just under £30 - bright yellow - in fact it is called Triang Yello - it also cleans carpets.

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Steam mop works great on our wet room but it is a vinyl floor my wife uses it everywhere it was on offer in Argos they do great promotional offers


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I had tiles like these & they were a nightmare to mop I tried everything including a steam mop but in the end I had to lift them & put new tiles down

Steam Mop. :slight_smile:

The textured tiles in our kitchen were nearly going to have to come up. Hubby thought they were essential for us with surface like sandpaper…non slip, will be great etc. etc. Grrrrr

Cheap enough one Shark or Sark I think it’s called. He uses it and it takes the scrubbing and effort out of it.

I have exactly the same problem. Use a battery scrubber e.g. the Caddy Clean with stripping pads or if someone is able to use one, a scrubber/dryer. You need to use strong alkaline cleaners. I like to rotate and use acid and ethanol cleaners too. Use industrial/specialist stuff but be careful! - these cleaners damage skin, eyes and wood. Powders and cream cleaners work well but they’re very difficult to rinse fully off so I tend to avoid them apart from around the immediate shower area, which is easier to rinse thoroughly. If you’re using a scrubber/dryer Selden and Clover make good detergent. Otherwise I think Lithofin and All for Stone are good.

Gosh Martinf, what a palarvar! Interesting first post on an old thread.

Everyone was happy enough with the steam cleaners without the need for the advertised chemicals/pads and branded detergents etc…hmm

As a new member, welcome to the forum btw.

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Hmm. For such determined cleaning, I suspect you’d need to be a hygiene fanatic. Or a salesman? A tad OCD? I suspect these cleaners are a little bit of overkill for the average home wetroom. But each cleanliness freak to his own.


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OCD, I guess, but if people have had success cleaning by using steam mops on textured porcelain tiles I’d be surprized, I tried one and it was useless. I was just trying to be helpful. If I’m wrong and there is a cordless steam mop which I can use in my electric wheelchair or in my shower chair, I’d love to know.

My expensive wet room floor isnt tiles. It`s one piece and goes up the walls a few inches.

It never looks clean. I hate the chuffin thing. Several calls to the man who laid it resulted in no replies. I try not to dwell on it, but I really do hate it!


“palarvar” I use the term “nightmare”. I’m always on the lookout for easier or better solutions. I’ve seen online the SYR Powr Mop Lite and the Polti Moppy. I don’t know if these are any good or not. If people think their steam mops are good, please tell me what to go for.

l use a steam mop… only a cheap one - Yello - by Triang. And l often put white vinegar in the water tank part. l never use chemicals for cleaning - vinegar and bicarbonate of soda are the best.

For hard water stains I use citric acid. Kettle scale remover.

I buy a 1kg bag online for economy.


You would.

Sue, love, I’m curious now. Is it a mis-spelt anagram? Should one of those superfluous S’s, in fact, be an I?

Gosh I’m surprised to see this back. I bought a stiff plastic bristle brush which seems to do the trick. My cleaner uses bleach. it can look grubby between weekly cleans though.

Good for you, Flowerpot. I’m glad that works for you. If your tiles are porcelain you might find that a stripping pad, rather than a brush, upon the end of your broom handle, might do a better job. I can’t use a broom for more than a few strokes, which is why I use a cordless scrubber and I’ve found that stripping pads fitted to it, rather than brushes, work best. I’m hugely impressed that you can get away with just bleach for a whole week! I might give that a try tomorrow. I presume you mean sodium hypochlorite and not hydrogen peroxide? For everyone else in this forum, who has Altro rather than tiled flooring, brushes or soft pads are what you need, not stripping pads. Also, I guess you would need gentler chemicals.

Bleach as in domestos or similar. We did try a sort of scouring mop head but the floor is so rough it shredded it, an ordinary mop was no good, and the sponge on a squeegee mop also got shredded.