Laminate floors and push along walkers

Hi, I’m in the process of getting laminate flooring put down in the whole downstairs area of the house. I struggle to walk about the house and was thinking about getting a push along walker, I have a push along walker for the office so I’m familiar with using one of them. So my question is 1. Do laminate floors hold up ok with the use of walkers or am I going to damage my new floor Thanks Cheryl:-)

Hi Cheryl,I reckon that if the laminate is of good quality and fitted properly it should be fine with a walker on it. There may be issues with high-speed cornering if there is any liquid on the floor,otherwise it should be fine.

I wonder if you could fit a brush and a mop to help with the house work?


Hiya Cheryl.

I had good quality laminate flooring back in Sheffield. It was down for 12 years before I left there and was still looking great when we locked the door for the last time.

My younger sister got cheap laminate and her’s was battered looking after a year!

No skimping on the pennies on this one and it will last a long time. LOL!


There are some really good ‘linoleum’ type floor coverings now. They are non-slip and cushioned - and come in some really clever designs that look like the real thing. ie Oak/Stone/Tiles etc. lts worth getting lots of quotes. You might be able to ‘borrow’ a remnant to take home to practise walking over. l recently bought a remnant and had it fitted in my shower room. l am impressed with how warm it feels underfoot - and when wet it does not slip. Unlike the ‘cheap’ stuff l had fitted in the utility room - which has quickly worn out and is a bit treacherous when wet. l do like laminate floors - but they are ‘noisy’. l know they are ‘banned’ from many flats because of the noise pollution.

l have lovely porcelain tiles in the kitchen/hall. Looks beautiful - but they are cold underfoot - and not very user friendly when you fall over - certainly no bounce. And if you drop anything it smashes straightaway.



I lived for a couple years with laminate flooring while using a wheelchair and it was absolutely fine. So if it stood up well to constant wheelchair use I’m sure a walker would be fine.


Hi, thanks folks, I spoke to the workmen today, I’m getting a lot of work done in the house, and they said it will be fine with my push along walker and you lot have just further reassured me. Thanks Cheryl:-)


Yes it will be fine, also think about how slippy it maybe if your MS deteriorates.

Standing up to use it can be tricky if your MS does progress significantly.

Good luck.