wheelie hardy flooring

Hi gang! Now, I`ll be getting a new electric wheelie via Social Services in March - ish. and I did have loan of a similar one for a road test recently. It is much heavier than my current chair and it`s tyres really clung to my carpets, lino.

Over the years, we`ve got through quite a few different flooring stuff and i know the new chair will be taking it`s toll.

So, I`ve been googling the subject of flooring/wheelies.

I have read about summat called `strand woven bamboo`. The blurb says it is very hard wearing.....even better than hardwood.

Does anyone have this in their homes? Or can anyone recommend something else.

Think I`ll have to start saving me pennies again...................never ending expense as my condition preogresses.

luv POllx

When I moved into my bungalow I had burber carpets (not wool) put down in anticipation of my electric wheelchair and they seem to be coping OK. Not too much drag on the cornering but it is only an indoor wheelchair and is probably a lot lighter than the one you have coming.



Hi Jane, thanks for your reply. We have a berber in the lounge. Have to see how it bears up to the new wheelie.

luv Pollx

hi poll

ive got parquet flooring in my living room, which i helped fit in anticipation of needing a wheelchair about 10 years ago, pre diagnosis. its brill for both manual and lecci chair, unlike carpet which slows you down as you tend to sink into it.( ive pushed many a wheelchair in my care days). and wheels get rather muddy and wet round here, so keeping it clean is easier as its moppable.

ive even learned how to get a brew into liviing room on my footrest while i wheel myself from the kitchen, without spilling a drop! clever or what! x

Hi Poll

We have wooden flooring in our bungalow, all carpets gone cos my wheelie would not run over them very well, and also they became dirty very quick.

A wooden floor is great, easy movement and only needs a quick mop to keep it clean.

Hope this helps.


Eeee Janet, that`s amazing…were you in a circus?

luv Pollx

Posh parquet, eh! i guess you would need a dead flat surface and lots of glue for that. Expensive too I guess, but cheers for the info.

luv Polly xxxxx

Hi Pam, yeah, wood is on our list of preferreds, but when I read about this woven slat bamboo, it said it is stronger than hardwood.

We priced up the bamboo…about £500 for the wood, plus underlay, glues etc. Hmmm.

luv Pollx

Hi Poll,

I have a floating floor of timber laminate and it is really hard wearing, never scratches and just needs a wipe down with a damp mop. Hate carpet and will never have it again with wheels because of the extra drag and the dirt and track marks.

I have heard bamboo is very good and extremely hard wearing and of course very environmentally friendly. When I have to redo my floors, touch wood not for ages (ha ha), I'll probably go for bamboo.





Hi Belinda, you dug an old post of mine up there, eh? it is so kind of you to offer advice. In the end the new wheelie wasnt as heavy as the loan one, so we didnt need to replace flooring…thank heavens!

I can imagine bamboo flooring will be good in a hot country like your`s. Thanks again.

luv Pollx

I have real wood flooring in the livingroom and I have large cream tiles through the hallway,kitchen,utility room,sun room.

It only takes a few minutes to hoover or sweep it,a mop and its clean for the day.Very hardwearing.

However do NOT buy a shiney tile as it can cause slipping and hurt yourself.

More hardwearing than any carpet,more hygenic.


Cheers Charlie. Just posted about my first bus trip, seeing as your`s was so interesting.

luv Pollx

I just read it to.Queen Poll you so did enjoy yourself didnt you?

Spils happen food falls on the floor.use one of them long handled brushes and dust pan no bending just sweep it up.Job done,no hoovering.