Hi all cold isn’t it . I must of spent over a £150 trying out different slippers last year and i cant find the right ones , my feet are very swollen , sore , cold and a size 9/10 at the moment . I wont the security of a back but with the ease of a slip on one , any recommendations from anyone would be very welcome .

Take care all


Hi Katy I have been through a few different pairs of slippers and was given a pair of Bedroom Athletic slipper boots just before Xmas. They have suited me very well as I get very cold ankles. They have a zip at the front so easy to get foot in an out, warm and fluffy. On the sole is anti slip too.


LoL - I’ve got a pair of those.

Only trouble is, they can’t really go in the wash, because of leather soles, and they’re cream and fluffy, so show every mark.

I think I did chance them with a very mild handwash once, and they sort of survived it, but the soles went sort of crispy - not as flexible as before. Not sure they’d survive it a second time.

And whilst it wouldn’t sway my purchase decision, I absolutely hate the name “Bedroom Athletics” - not only because of the tacky innuendo, but because it’s so unlikely I’d be attempting any kind of athletics - in the bedroom or elsewhere - wearing furry slipper boots.

Are they trying to imply: “You’ll be a sex goddess in these!”? Bit of a stretch of the imagination.

I’ve got another pair of slipper boots from M&S, which replaced a pair I’d worn for years, but sadly, they’ve not worn as well. Unlike the Bedroom Athletics ones, they can go in the machine OK, but they still look really manky after just a season’s wear, and I’m having trouble keeping them on my feet, too. They’re getting particularly dangerous on stairs, especially if I try to get down them in a hurry (phone ringing or knock at the door). Usually, I lose one or both slippers on the way.

Think I should chuck them, or I’ll break my neck one of these days.


i had a fab pair of slipper boots from M & S but they didn’t last very long.

had another pair from M & S and they are still ok.

got a pair from sainsbury’s because i had a voucher which said if i spent £10 on clothing i’d get a money off petrol voucher, so i got the slipper boots and some socks.

carole x

Hotter do an excellent pair of slippers that do up with Velcro and don’t look too much like your grandma’s. They do cost a bit, about £50 but they are made of suede, I bought them last year and they still look new. When I got a mark on one I managed to scrub them with soap & a nail brush (my solution to suede cleaning for years!) and they survived that pretty well! Obviously I’m not particularly hard on shoes as I do very little walking, so take my recommendation with that in mind!


I`ve got a pair of maroon granny type bootee slippers They fasten with velrco and open wide. Cost around a tenner from the market.


ps they are machine washable.


But Poll, you are a granny and as such are entitled to wear granny slippers. Those of us who are not maybe seek something a little more slinky!!!

Sue x

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Thank you for your replies i fancy some bedroom athletics its been a long time since i had any or was able to do any , i have had a look on their Website and they look lovely and warm just not sure how much room there would be on the top of my feet as that swells a lot and i also have large calves so the same thing their. perhaps i will just order a pair and see what they are like my husbands used to a trip to the post office with slipper returns , or i could just give in and get the velcro cosyfeet ones but i cant bring myself to order a pair.

Good week to you all


I suppose could stick silver foil to them and make them look slinky!


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bedroom antics?..that`s being mentioned too often now…I havent participated in a long time…does it entail hurdles, javelins, a discus or a hop, skip and wheeeeee… hope for the best!

Eee, we can only imagine and laff!


I am size UK 6 feet normally and have wide feet, so the next size up fit me well.

I have size 7-8 in these slippers as when its very cold I can also wear a pair of very thick pair of socks with these. My flat is not very warm as I have old night storage heaters.

I wouldn’t mind being capable of a bit of bedroom athletics either. Obviously it needs a partner to help out - maybe a three-legged race??

I wish we hadn’t started this conversation - not because I’m embarrassed, but because I made the mistake of looking at their website, and am now having to convince myself I don’t need/want new fleece pyjamas, a matching fleece poncho, and new slippers - all of which are in the sale - but still a lot pricier than NOT buying them.

I’ve only recently had “posh” pyjamas from my mum - and a bed jacket (don’t laugh - I liked it). I’m having to remind myself I don’t need unlimited pairs of pyjamas, even though I do spend a lot of time in them, and nobody’s ever going to see me in them, unless I get admitted to hospital (which we don’t want to think about), so why am I even considering such a flagrant waste of money?

If I hadn’t looked, I wouldn’t have felt tempted.



A bed jacket, really?? I remember my grandma when I was aged about 8 having bed jackets. I think there are a lot of indignities we have to own up to as a result of MS, but a bed jacket, Tina… you have my utmost admiration for being honest enough to admit to that.

Sue x

Most of them are horrid, and very old-ladyish, but my mum spent (I imagine) a lot of money, and it’s quite feminine and pretty - as such things go. Much nicer than the ones I’d been looking at on the high street.

I like to sit up and read in bed, so it’s a touch more glamorous than an old cardigan or old hoodie, which would be the alternative!



I’ve got a fleecy jacket with a hood the hood has teddy bear type ears. I don’t wear it for bed (too warm) but I do wear it on an evening when I’ve go my night things on. They sell them in Tesco along with onesies and other fleecy bed wear nothing wrong with keeping warm.

Jan x

Now “onesies” I absolutely don’t get!

Like romper suits for grown-ups. What do you do about the damn loo? Do they have strategically placed buttons, like a body, or have you essentially got to strip off, every time you need a wee?

For someone who invariably has to get up at least once in the night, and sometimes more, and the heating’s not on overnight, this would be an absolute no-no. Defeats the whole point of staying warm, if I’ve got to take the whole lot off to spend a penny.



Agree Tina I couldn’t wear a onesie for that reason and once in bed I’d be far too warm. I try to keep my legs as cold as possible in bed otherwise they get very painful and restless. Most of the time I keep the bottom corner of the duvet pulled up to the middle so I can put my legs in and out of the cover as needed.

Jan x

I don’t use ‘normal’ slippers, I use crocs, but not the standard ‘holey’ ones. The ones I have are fleece lined, so keep my feet warm, are machine washable (and have been washed to death!), and are non-slip. They also have a ‘half heel’, so my foot stays in, but they are slip-on. I have about 4 pairs, and wear them for everything. A pair in the house as slippers, and then other pairs that I wear out and about.

I was concerned that they weren’t the best shoes (I tend to walk on the outside edge of my right foot for some reason), but my physio actually said they were fantastic shoes for me. They aren’t pretty, make my feet look big, and are about as un-stylish as you can get, but I find I am steadier on my feet, plus I can get them on and off easily. The floor of the shoe is supportive too, and moulded into a ‘foot shape’ rather than being flat like most slippers. Oh - and smelly shoes from smelly feet are a thing of the past because they can be machine washed! The only negatives are that they can slip off your feet, but that’s the same for any slip-on shoe, and sometimes the lining squeaks against the rubbery outer, but I just pop a bit of talc between the two layers and it stops it. Oh - and they’re ugly!