Slipped Disc

Hi everyone, Can anyone offer advice please, I’m very wobbly and unsteady on my feet as a result I have a herniated disc with nerve impingement (pressing on the nerve root) also sacroiliac joint inflammation I am on a very long waiting list for physiotherapy On the research that I’ve seen the only way to get this better is correcting the walking problem that caused the problem in the first place! which of course is not possible I’ve had the back pain for 2 years and have only just had a diagnosis Everytime I try any of the recomended exercises (youtube) it just gets worse Does anyone else have a similar problem and how did they deal with it Thanks

I had a prolapsed disk many years ago and ended up having surgery (laminectomy), although that was pretty much a last resort. Swimming might help if you can manage it, because it isn’t weight bearing.

The NSHS site has some useful information.

Back pain - NHS (

I too have chronic lower back pain, centred around the SIJ. I invested in a SI belt which helps. Invested is the right word as it’s my second and cost over £120! Worth it to me as I can walk further and stand longer with it on. It’s way better than the simpler ones which are available: Bauerfeind Sacroloc. My first one was only about £15 for the Neo-G SI belt.

Hi Thank you so much for your replies It’s damn painful isn’t it? As if we don’t have enough to put up with. I’ll definitely look into getting a belt worth a try. The swimming might be more difficult getting there etc but definitely look into that also

I also have severe lower back and leg pain and neuropathic pain in both feet hands and left arm.

After X Rays and an MRI of my lumber spine I’ve was diagnosed with central canal stenosis.
I then was referred for a urgent appointment with the Neuro/Spinal unit to consider surgery almost 2 years ago.

I’ve not yet been seen by a consultant.

I then had a further MRI and in addition I’ve now also got lateral recess stenosis as well.
A further urgent referral was made but nothing heard to date.

I’m currently living on pain killers Zapain 30mg/500 paracetamol but it’s not touching it tbh.

I take Nortryptaline for the neuropathic pain.

Ive had physio and try to move and walk as much as I physically can but it’s difficult.

Do you have any other suggestions to help with the pain ?

I’m glad this was diagnosed before my formal diagnosis of MS as I doubt I would have been offered any further investigations for MS.

I was originally dismissed by a GP when I said I wanted an MRI as I suspected MS as having anxiety and depression.

I knew he was wrong and arranged a private MRI which found multiple brain lesions/demylination and a couple of spinal lesions. I was diagnosed with probable MS.

I also have a younger sister with MS diagnosed over 12 years ago so I knew the signs.

I was transferred to my Neurologist NHS list and given access to an MS nurse straight away.

My path to formal diagnosis took almost 3 years as no new lesions were found until my latest MRI.

I’m just waiting to start treatment with Copaxone only option I’ve been given due to my age 60.