Stiff and fed up

Since Christmas I’ve gone from using 2 sticks almost comfortably to virtually nothing.

im stiff walking like I’ve got no knees and both feet are dragging. I’m so fed up with this illness and want my life back.

dont know if it’s worth ringing the Walton centre as don’t know if there’s anything they can do. :frowning:

is the walton centre where your neuro and ms nurse are based?

if so, then ring them.

they could refer you to physiotherapy.

i have just got an appointment through to see my ms nurse next month and i will be asking for physiotherapy because i know a man who had physio at that clinic and it was marvellous.

there are things that can be done for the foot dragging.

good luck

carole x

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Hi, do you mean you are now able to wak without the aid of sticks? Or have I misunderstood?

There are other things to help mobility…like afo supports, FES systems, and leg/foot braces.

Hope the Walton can and do help you out hun.

luv Pollx

Sorry Boudica I mean my walking is virtually non existent.

i just want my legs back. I’m using a ‘foot up’ but it doesn’t seem to be helping any more

Thanks for clarifying for me.

I went through all the stages of declining mobility. From stick to walker to roll at or to self propel wheelie and now am totally wheelie bound!

Its a chuff, but I’d rather be safer and able to get out, than stuck indoors and tall ng all the time.

Making the difficult decision to go for permanent wheels is tough, but I believe if it has to happen, then embrace your wheels…mine are my best friend!

Love Pollxx

Hi, my walking has been getting harder over the last year with drop foot and spasticity. Me and my wife love going to London but I know that I will struggle to walk very far. Then the tubes are not exactly MS friendly with all the stairs and I feel guilty I’m being a burden on her. I’m seeing a physio in a couple of weeks so I’m hoping that will help.

Keep well.

try and get a hold of the physio , i had the same over christmas with having sciatica as well and she gave me a three wheeler , helped at the time and still use when i need to walk amy distance, could you go swimming again this helps me , my pool is being refurbished at present and i am not a happy bunny as again feel the pool helps with my legs