sacroiliac problems - due to MS?

Since about November last year, I have been suffering from quite severe lower back pain one side, sometimes creeping around the front of my hip and down my leg and right buttock. After several visits to GP, sacroiliac joint inflammation has been diagnosed, and the GP feels this may be due to lesions on lower spine. Have MS consultant appointment next week to discuss this and possibly starting tecifedra. Does anybody else have problems like this? Am really getting fed up, can’t walk very far and standing still is equally troublesome. Is there anything I can do that other people have found effective in helping this problem? Thanks in advance.

I suffered similar when diagnoised, it took a yr before I got another consultant to look at my spine mri and I had 2 prolapsed disks and sciatica. After lots of chiropractic sessions and physio I have more mobility but it flares up alot im sat with ice packs on my back now. Dont assume all is ms related although I think im weaker because of ms and this may have caused problems in my back. I have a friend with a lesion on her spine causing issues and she was also given physio and Is improving. My advice is get it looked at so you know what causing the issue and then get treatment

Thanks for your support and advice Zoe. I am on the waiting list for physio! Hope yours improves soon.

Hi there,

I have been having pain in my left buttock and thigh since last July. I saw my GP and she referred me for physio. I am now seeing a neuro physio at my local hospital. So far have had 3 sessions. She has given me lots of stretches/exercises to do. She said I have got really tight hamstrings-she even gave me a quick massage the other day. Last appointment she checked my back muscles and and said it’s all connected. My pain is on sitting for long periods and when driving-she advised putting a towel under my right buttock.

I am starting to see slight improvement but like Zoe still using cold packs and hot water bottles to allieviate pain. Hope you start to see improvement soon- It took nearly 3 months for my physio appointment to come through and then it was a cancellation appointment- maybe ring your hospital and ask where you are on the waiting list and see if there are any cancellations available.


Thanks for replying cathy. I’m mot alone then! Hope yours feels better soon too.

I’ve been suffering the same issue and have been through lengthy chiropractic treatment and am now having physio, but essentially I’ve worked out that it’s been down to the fact that my left side has been compensating for my right as my right side always goes weak during a relapse.

I then discovered that I was (I thought) protecting my back, but actually I was tensing my core so much and leaning slightly forward (rather than standing up straight and pushing through my hips) because of my weak side, which put me in a pain loop and kept straining my left si joint.

I saw my chiropractor Friday to get ‘reset’ and after running through this analysis in my head, I’ve been able (with the help of regular icing and ibuprofen) to break the pain cycle and am walking around almost pain free, although I have to be careful and really concentrate on pulling up through the front of my stomach (it helps to pull my shoulders back and down) and use the very front of my pelvic floor to support when I’m crouching down and standing back up.

I I really hope this helps, I was honestly on the verge of seeing a specialist and asking for injections I was in that much pain, and I really can’t believe the difference within a week.

Whether it works for you or not though (and apologies for the long post), sending all the best for your recovery.