Back Pain - Is this common?

Hey Everyone,

Is back pain everyday normal? I don’t want to have to take Iburofen and Paracetamol everyday. Any help and advice would be appreciated.
Thank you

Back pain is fairly common regardless of MS, although a dodgy gait clearly doesn’t help. A decent physio can identify the cause of pain and suggest a programme of exercises to help correct the problem.
In my experience the most effective pain relief is acupuncture and most MS Therapy Centres offer this service.

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MS wonky gait and other disturbance to the smooth functioning of our mechanics can cause all sorts of secondary stresses and strains to the skeleton, tendons, soft tissue etc. A physio opinion might be useful.

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Hi Nicola :wave:

Aside from my “neurological gait” that arrived with the MS, I’ve suffered with chronic lower back pain most of my adult life. Largely because of a hitherto very active sporting lifestyle - or that’s my excuse. Anyway, far from getting better when my MS got in the way of my sport, the back, pelvis & hip pain got worse and was put down to body deconditioning: As we become less active our muscles waste and provide less support to the skeleton. It doesn’t help that today’s sedentary lifestyle has also led to gaining a fair bit of weight which has to be lugged around.

Perhaps your story is similar?

Obviously getting rid of excess weight will make getting around easier but it won’t restore full mobility. Years of inactivity has left some joints and muscles absolutely rigid.

I’ve seen physios but largely they chat, print off some exercise sheets or links to some exercise videos but don’t get very hands on. On the other hand, osteopaths and chiropractors confront the issues head on and really get stuck in to the affected areas, loosening off rigid muscles & joints. I started with an osteopath then started seeing a chiropractor weekly earlier this year. Chiropractors really crunch things into place - it was quite painful at first as joints were brought back into use, but worth it for the restored flexibility. However, I feel I’ve plateaued somewhat now and am contemplating a return to the osteopath who is more subtle in the manipulation of joints.

Voltarol gel on the affected area is pretty good too and a lot cheaper than osteopaths & chiropractors. Ideally get both.

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Hi Graeme,

That sounds like me. Ive always been so active with running but now too scared to run, let alone walking to school.
I did buy an exercise bike recently, I do a few miles a day to keep me active.
I hate feeling like i cant shift the weight that I’ve gained from not beable to be as active i once was.
I’ve only just been diagnosed so still getting my head around it all.
I think i have some Voltarol so will give that a try thank you.
Regards, Nicola

I thought it might be a sympton.
Brill, i’m going to give that a try thank you.

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Awww thank you. I will get a physio to give me some exercises to do.

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Hi Nicola,
I have regular pain in my back and hips, have had for several years. It’s often a funny buzzy pain rather than something muscular. I’ve been on pregabalin for a while to help with this. If it is a nerve pain then you could ask your gp for some treatment. I find little rests between chores also helps.
Hope you get some relief.
Amanda x

Thanks for information